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Venice is still the only city in the world that does not have a car. No car does not mean no road. Its roads are wide and narrow, and there is a small alley in the corner. The road surface is not paved with asphalt, it is paved with sea water. It is not a car that is driving on the road. It is a steamboat and a hand-drawn wooden boat (Gondola). The light and slender hull and the black hull are called gondola. It is especially suitable for the narrow and shallow canals of Venice. Each boat can carry 6 passengers, 1 boatman, and 2 people in the rear. Block, three left and right in the middle, the bow single seat, the boatman to see which side will stand on the other side to maintain balance. The boatman wore a blue-and-white strip or a red and white T-shirt, a straw hat, standing at the stern and swaying a long single paddle. The bow is slightly tilted, which offsets the weight of the paddle and prevents the gondola from turning in place. Legend has it that the Gondola, which has become part of Venice, is a boat created in the shape of the Venetian Governors hat. In short, its unique shape has already penetrated the hearts of people all over the world. Gondola also has some fine little details - golden angels, golden horse-shaped handrails, etc. It is said that the value of making this gondola is equal to a Ferrari. Gondolier, Gondola, Water Lane, Xiaoqiao, and another Gondola pass by on the water, nodding their heads and smiling, and there is no sound at this time.
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Venice City Venice 2nd Day Tour: Shuicheng Venice, really a well-known tourist attraction, the island is full of boats, no vehicles, and the world's first cafe - Huashen Cafe (resident language) It is really romantic and beautiful. Transportation: Venice has an airport, but in Italy, it is usually by train, at St. Lucia train station, Milan to Venice, Rome to Venice, all routes, and there are high-speed rail and local trains, high-speed rail. If you can, it will arrive in 2-3 hours. Hotel: Hotel Principe Venice, the hotel is close to the train station, not even crossing the bridge, the traffic is very convenient, the dock is very close, and the restaurant near the water is said to be hundreds of years old. The old building is gone. Urban traffic: Water bus, single 7.5 Euro, 20 Euro/24 hours, and 48 and 72 hours, see the demand. DAY 1 St. Mark's Square - Church - Government House - Bridge of Sighs Dinner: Italian cuttlefish noodles, yak meat with white wine. I was transferred from San Marino to Venice, so it was already afternoon, but the scenic spots in Venice are concentrated, all around St. Mark's Square, including Rialto Bridge, Rialto Bridge, Either go early in the morning or sit on the boat. Otherwise, you will see small vendors and can't take pictures. St. Mark's Square often rises, and the disposable shoe covers are 20 Euros at high tide, so you can bring your own. Do not feed the pigeons on the square, and the excrement of birds will cause damage to the building. Jiaoto Bell Tower is being repaired. According to the speed of the Italians, I dont know what year and month to finish. To see the panorama, please take the boat to the opposite clock tower on the island. St. Mark's Church is a mixed-race building that blends Gothic, Baroque Byzantium, ancient Rome and ancient Greek styles and is unique. The name of St. Mark's Church is because there is a sage of St. Mark's body, the inside is not allowed to take pictures, remember to send the bag inside, just in the next door. If you want to enter the altar, look at the museum and board the platform, you need to pay almost 10 euros. There is the world's first cafe, the flower god cafe, which must be punched. The Governors Office tickets are 20 Euros. You can walk through the Bridge of Sighs and feel the sigh. Dinner is the cuttlefish noodle in the small alley next to the hotel. It is delicious with beef. DAY 2 Murano Island-Burano Island-La Spezia/Hh/Venice water bus tickets are calculated according to the activation time, relatively reasonable, and the time is ok. I used to go to the colored island from the train station, that is, there is direct access to the island of Burano, but then the local area must be transferred to the glass island, that is, Murano Island for economic problems, but it does not matter, the seaside there. It is also beautiful. Go to the color island, it is best to leave at 8 o'clock in the morning, and it will be 9 o'clock. There are almost no one on the island. You can pat and shoot at will, without going to the center area, walking along the path, there will be many surprises. After 10 o'clock, various tourist groups on the island came, and the photos seemed to be crowded. There is a Michelin star restaurant on the island, grapes, vegetables, all of which are grown by themselves. Lunch can be settled here. Then the water bus returned and took the baggage to the Cinque Terre.
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