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About Vienna

Vienna is the capital city of Austria. It is known as the “city of music”. This place has numerous music halls and opera houses; it is also the hometown of musical masters such as Schubert, Strauss and Mozart. Listening to a concert in Vienna is often the main reason for visitors’ journeys to the city. Vienna spent many years as the capital city of the Austrian Empire. Numerous residential palaces and museums reflect the city’s rich cultural heritage. Visitors come here to see the ancient buildings and exquisite exhibitions, as well as to garner a deeper understanding of Austria and Austrian culture.

Popular Attractions in Vienna

St. Stephen's Cathedral
510 Reviews
Stephen's Cathedral is a landmark in Vienna and one of the three cathedrals in Europe. It was built in 1147 and was built in the name of the Roman church. In the 14th century, Rudolf IV ordered a large-scale reconstruction. After being destroyed by the World War II, it was rebuilt and the Gothic Cathedral was formed. Stephen's Cathedral consists of a main building and three towers. The towering conical spires rush into the sky, the colorful roof inlaid with blue and yellow mosaic tiles shines in the sun, the armbands of the tiles and the representative The double-headed eagle of the Boothsburg dynasty is spectacular.
Hofburg Palace
451 Reviews
Learn why Hofburg is one of Vienna's most important landmarks of this day and age when you visit Austria. Once planned as an imperial forum, the grounds were built by the Hapsburg emperors during the 13th century. Since that time, it has been renovated and turned into a tourist's dream. With museums that hold many of the original furniture that were installed in the former palace, one can get a feel for the regal presence. Tourists will also find a massive collection of international standing, not only in the museum, but also along the parks, restaurants and cafes.
Schonbrunn Palace
951 Reviews
UNESCO World Heritage-Cultural Site    
Schönbrunn Palace is a former summer residence of the Austrian royal family, the Habsburg family. It is located in the southwest of Vienna and is one of Austria’s cultural landmarks. The interior of the palace is extremely luxurious, featuring a sophisticated Rococo decor. The legendary empress Maria Theresa and her husband, King Franz I, lived here for many years and saw a huge remodel of the palace, its refurbishments still present today. The famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once performed for the Austrian empress Maria Theresa here when she was a teenager. The palace building is surrounded by beautiful gardens, fountains and even a zoo on one side. Visitors can purchase tickets for the zoo separately.
Schloss Belvedere
219 Reviews
The Belvedere Palace is a Baroque architectural palace in the heart of Vienna. It is known as the three major palaces of Vienna with the Hofburg Palace and Schönbrunn Palace. It was once the palace of Prince Eugen of the Habsburg dynasty. It is now the seat of the Austrian National Gallery. The Belvedere Palace is divided into the Upper Beauty Palace and the Lower Beauty Palace. Shangjing Palace was originally a place for banquet guests, and the lower view palace was originally the prince's living room, and now it has become an art museum. In addition to admiring the master's paintings, the architecture itself, interior design, sculpture, gardens, etc. are in Baroque style and are worth seeing.

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Trip Moments

Sen LI Photography   
乘坐地铁来到多瑙河畔,这里有一个维也纳市区中的大型人工岛,周边是已然区域现代化的建筑商业区域,没有过去另一边现代化的世界,我们几人就这样在河边闲度了些许午后的时光,体验下蓝色多瑙河的悠闲与雅致。 游玩完多瑙河,与青旅结识的老大哥一同前往位于城郊的卡伦山,据传,这里是当地居民最喜欢的欣赏落日的地方。 来到此处可以说是一个意想不到的惊喜,也是一个十分离奇的故事,让我娓娓道来。原来我们三人只是打算在莱茵河闲逛一番,虚度一下下午的时光,然后回老城区吃顿大餐。在地铁站的时候遇上一个中国人跟我们问路,后来聊了一下发现,竟让是住在同一间家庭旅馆的……然后,然后在他的推荐下我们就糊里糊涂地来到了这里……好吧,至少在这里看到了维也纳美丽的日落了…… 维也纳市内交通: 1)单次票2.2欧,上公交再向司机购买2.3欧 2)4次票8.8欧 3)24小时/48小时/72小时票 (24-、48-、und72- Stunden Wien Karten):打票后开始计时,可转让,有效期内可以无限次数乘坐所有市内公共交通。价格:7.6欧/13.3欧/16.5欧 4)8天票 8-Tage-Klimakarte:一张票上有8个格子,打票8次,可多人同时使用,可转让,每次打票后有效期到次日凌晨1点,有效期内无限次通用于所有市内公共交通。价格:38.4欧 5)周票 Wochenkarte:无须打票,有效期从周一0:00到下周一9:00,可无限次通用于所有市内公共交通。注意周票有效期为自然周,并非从购票起开始计算。价格:16.2欧 以上购票地点:所有维也纳交通局售票窗口(较大的地铁站),自动售票机(所有地铁站)、烟草书报厅(Tabak-Tra ken),有轨电车上的投币售票机 6)维也纳卡 Wien-Karte:打票后72小时内有效,无记名,可以无限次乘坐市内所有公共交通,可以免费携带15岁以下儿童一名。在200家酒店、餐馆、博物 馆等有一定幅度价格优惠。价格:21.90欧 购买地点:市内所有的交通局和联邦铁路售票窗口(较大的地铁站 如Westbahnhof、Karlsplatz、Landstraße等)、市内酒店 网上购票
Posted: 23 Nov 2018
JOJO’s wonderful trip   
美景宫现在被作为奥地利国家美术馆使用,由两个建筑群组成,一是1714年建造而成的下美景宫,当时作为欧根亲王的夏宫;另一部分就是眼前看到的1721年建成的上美景宫,是王室用来举办各种盛大节日庆典活动的场所。 在欧洲来了这么多次,这座宫殿确实是我见过世界上最美丽的巴洛克宫殿之一,收藏的艺术品包括从中世纪和巴洛克直到21世纪的杰作,重点是19世纪末和新艺术运动期间的奥地利画家。 展出的最有名的作品就是创办了维也纳分离派的克里姆特Klimt的代表作《吻》,如同巴黎有《蒙娜丽莎》,阿姆斯特丹有《向日葵》,这幅《吻》就是维也纳的镇城之宝,被印制在了各种各样的旅行商品上。 进入上美景宫的大厅之后不要错过这四根大理石立柱,虽然不是什么名师之作,但雕刻极其精美,值得让人驻足 上楼之后,我们进入了美景宫的欢迎大厅,这以前是哈布斯堡王朝的宴会厅,1955年5月15日,奥政府与苏美英法四国的外交代表在此处签署了独立条约。占领国从奥地利撤出军队,恢复奥地利的领土与主权完整。 大厅的两侧都是画廊,一共有40个房间,大部分是奥匈帝国时期的宫廷画师之作,还有少量的现代作品,在导游的详细讲解下我们将挨个参观。 这幅《拿破仑》大家都应该比较眼熟,画家一共画了三幅,各自珍藏在奥地利,巴黎和纽约 克里姆特的另一幅代表作《朱棣斯》,克利姆特把他画过的每一个模特都变为了他的情人 这就是最为著名的《吻》, 整幅画使用了大量的金箔,在这种金色的背景下,一对恋人在开满鲜花的柔软草地上,热烈拥吻。 男人的双手轻柔而充满爱意地抱起了女人的头,正富有激情地吻着她的脸。女人的左手握着男人的右手,闭着眼睛,沉浸在无尽的幸福和浪漫的想象中。 我特别喜欢一些表现宫廷和市井生活的油画,这上面记录的都是活生生的历史。 站在上美景宫的阳台可以俯瞰到整个花园和下美景宫,还有背后整个维也纳老城。
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