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About Vientiane

Vientiane, the capital of Laos, is the antithesis of a bustling capital like London. In fact, it feels more like a welcoming village, nestled in a bend of the Mekong River, Vientiane is dotted with temples and quirky, accessible attractions like the Buddha Park featuring surreal statues of the Buddha and the Monk Chat, a monthly opportunity to hang out with, you guessed it, monks. The major monument in town is Patuxai, and local food, you'll want to head to the night market. Now that Vientiane is not a tourist city, but it still offers visitors the chance to experience the closest thing Laos has urban living. Recently the city has begun to grow and develop, but that has fortunately resulted more in different restaurants, nice bars to drink Beerlao (the local brew), and better hotels than in ostentatious resorts or high rises.

Popular Attractions in Vientiane

Pha That Luang
147 Reviews
Historical Site
Ancient Pagoda
The beautiful Pha That Luang is a very important national monument in Laos. It is a symbol shared by Buddhism and Lao sovereign countries. The main stupa image also appears as the national emblem. The Pha That Luang has been repaired and preserved over the years. It was built in 1556 and is a magnificent temple tower in Laos. The Pha That Luang is covered with real gold, and even if it is cloudy, you can see the golden stupa from far away.
Patuxay Monument
249 Reviews
Located in the very center of the city, the Vientiane Arc de Triomphe is an iconic building in Vientiane to commemorate the liberation of Laos in 1975. The exterior is similar to the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It is also connected to the bustling streets, but the internal structure has a strong Buddhist culture. The Buddha statues and the characters in the mythology carved on the door are full of religious colors.
Buddha Park
115 Reviews
The Buddha Statue Park was built on the banks of the Mekong River in the southeast of Vientiane. It was built in 1958 and is also known as the Xiangkun Temple. Here is a sculpture park that brings together nearly a hundred different sculptures of Buddha, blending Buddhism and Hindu style. The park has a "Peace Hell Tower" and a statue of a big reclining Buddha, which resembles a pumpkin and symbolizes the cycle of life. It is the two major attractions in the park.
Haw Pha Kaew
109 Reviews
The Jade Buddha Temple is one of the ancient temples of Vientiane. It was built in the heyday of the Kingdom of the Kingdom and is its royal family temple. The temple was used to store the jade Buddha from Luang Prabang, and the name of the Jade Buddha Temple came from this. There are many precious collections of Laos in the main hall of the Jade Buddha Temple. There are kings and golden statues, Khmer statues, gold, jade and crystal Buddha statues of various sizes, as well as various wood carvings and door carvings.

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Trip Moments

Laos cuisine | Eat authentic Laos spring rolls and hot pot

in Vientiane. This store in Vientiane can not find the store sign, deliberately Google map on the store name is Nem Nueng Sihom (Vieng Sa vanh). It is opposite the exit of a supermarket called Home Ideal. We can see that this is quite local, and the menu price is OK. Just go in and try it out. It is worth trying to sum up.

This is a shop that mainly eats Laochun spring rolls and Laos hot pot. It is basically eaten by local people, and occasionally there are tourists, who feel that they are also familiar with the road. The

menu is in English, but if you don't write it, you will leave with the feeling. Although the clerk could not communicate in English, I tried very hard to explain it to us. In the end, it was a successful hot pot of pork and a spring roll package for one person. We planned to give it a try first, then added another one, and ordered another seven hi and cola.

First of all, a lot of dish sauces, we caught it, including the sauce of the hot pot, and the sauce of the spring rolls, completely impossible to start.

Then there were a lot of vegetables on the land, and it was even more difficult to start. After a long time, the sister in the store felt that we didn't seem to eat, just to guide us.

How to eat hot pot?
1Pour the ginger and garlic slices in the three grids into the hot pot first, and burn them in an induction cooker.
2When the raw egg and the meat are mixed well, pour it into the pot
3 to bring out the soup, transfer to the appropriate sauce, drink the soup, eat meat

dont know if you want to add another The leek, or the Lao hot pot is so eaten? If there is no guidance, we may use the vegetables used for spring rolls as hot pot.

How to eat Laos spring rolls?
In addition to a variety of vegetables, there is also a meat sausage like a hot pot, the sister will ask you if you want to cut into sections.
1 grabs a piece of transparent rice paper, similar to the Vietnamese spring roll skin, but here is the direct use of dry, rather than soaking the ingredients like the Vietnamese spring rolls.
2Put the leaves of the dish in the dish one by one, don't stalk, have a kind of leaves that are bitter, don't add more, and then superimpose it on rice paper.
3The other disc has cucumber slices, bean sprouts, and carambola slices, all of which are placed on the dish.
4Add a piece of meat sausage and a little cooked fan.
5 Wrap these ingredients in rice paper and top them with sauce. You can eat it.

The rice paper that was given to us at the beginning was triangular. After we saw that we couldn't operate it, we changed the square.

Later, we added a small dish of cucumber slices. After we added a meat sausage, we found out that it was only based on the ingredients you ordered, and it was not calculated according to the different number of packages on the menu. Money is also more realistic.

This meal is the most grounded meal in Laos. The final consumption is 8.2w Kip, which is equivalent to about 70 yuan. Next door is a toasted bakery that is quite red, similar to the way puffs are eaten, many people come to queue to buy.
Posted: 25 Aug 2019
Counting the most visited nine attractions in Vientiane:
(1) Buddha Image Park: The Buddhism and Hindu statues in Manyuan make it awesome. It is more than 20 kilometers away from Vientiane. It can be reached by bus No. 14 at CBS Bus Station. The price is 8000 Kip.
(2) Arc de Triomphe: Built to commemorate the Laos who died in the war, you can climb up to the beautiful city scenery and walk up.
(3) Tatun: It is the most important symbolic building in Laos. Its style is unique among many stupas in Southeast Asia. It can be reached by bus No. 20 at CBS Bus Station. The fare is 5000 Kip.
(4) Lao National Museum: It is the best way to understand the history of Laos. The new museum has been relocated to the northern suburbs of Vientiane. It can be reached by bus No. 29 or 23 at CBS Bus Station. The fare is 4000 or 7000 Kip.
(5) COPE Visitor Center: The orthopaedic prosthetic partner company displayed a number of practical instruments for the victims of mines, arranged in a modern art style and within walking distance.
(6) Sisag Temple: The oldest surviving temple in Vientiane, the Buddha statue in the cloister and the murals of the main hall are very precious and can be reached on foot.
(7) Jade Buddha Temple: Laos Religious Art Museum is located. Although the Jade Buddha has been taken away by Thailand, other Buddha statues in the temple are still worth a visit and can be reached on foot.
(8) Mekong Riverside Park: Starting in the evening, it will become lively, and the rows of cheap small goods stalls will not be seen at first sight, and the food vendors will be able to walk there.
(9) Weng De Temple: The huge bronze Buddha statue in the temple is the most famous and can be reached on foot.
Posted: 6 May 2019
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