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Whanganui River

Whanganui River

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"New Zealand's top water trails are visited by paintings, and they have a great view of both sides of the sea. New Zealand is a hiking paradise. There are thousands of trails in the territory, including ten most famous trails, and the Whanganui river tour on North Island is the only "water trail" in the ten trails. In this "waterway", visitors do not need to walk with their feet, all you do is swing single, down the stream. Look at the banks of lush, winding paths ahead, looking around the people in the painting. [Play highlights] 1. Canadian Canoe Experience Tour 2. Experience the scenery on both sides of the Strait downstream 3. Meal with friends in the camp 4. Call in the famous attraction Bridge to nowhere [play experience] Whanganui river Tour has multiple entrances and exits, according to the travel plan, you can choose the route of 1-6 days. This time we chose the three-day trip from Whakahoro to Pipiriki, which was also a more classic route. For the three days and two nights, all the bags needed to be prepared by ourselves, including food, stove, gas and tents. Fortunately, the water trail was not important, and the baggage was not heavy. On the first day, the starting point of the journey was Whakahoro, everyone was ready to go, basically two people on a boat, the boat was Canoe, which is what we often call a canoe. Today is the busiest day, the journey is 37 kilometers. The water is greener on the day, and the sides are more lush. At Christmas, the friends wear Christmas hats and bake out a strong festive atmosphere. If you are tired, you can lie down in the boat and rest, or you can float several boats together. At the end of JOHN COULL HUT, we hurried to put up a tent, make dinner, and everyone gathers around the table. The HUT administrator also caught a large trout. The next day, the row is 20 kilometers, but you have to go halfway to the famous attractions Bride to nowhere and hike for an hour and a half. Arrive at Tieke hut in the evening and stay for the last night. This is a Maori Cathedral with a daily Maori welcome and a traditional Maori nose-blowing ceremony if the time is right. The last day is short, but the water is relatively fast. We sailed safely through the ship and arrived at the end of the trip. The ship company picked us up at 2 p.m. and returned. The water flow was calm, the reef was less, and everyone except the three of the NONOs did not get wet after falling into the water with food distraction. [Whanganui riverTravel small archives] Location: Taumaranui to Ohakune coast multiple locations can be used as starting point distance: 134KM or 88KM Suitable season: Spring, Summer and Autumn [Note] 1. No network all the way, please prepare various materials in advance 2. Only HUT (need to provide your own sleeping bag) and CAMPSITE along the road accommodation (self-contained tents etc.) 3. Pay attention to sand flies when you are camping, buy insect spray and AFTER BITE ointment in advance 4. The water at the camp is rainwater and needs to be boiled for drinking"