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Bason Botanic GardensNearby City

Bason Botanic Gardens

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"Postmodern oxygen bar and dream garden New Zealand is a very green coverage of the country, like gardeners will love the country at first sight. My husband is a botanist, his unit planned a plant tour of New Zealand, just can carry home, I went with the light. We had been visiting the local botanical gardens in Christchurch and Queenstown for a few days before, and later heard that there was a small but botanical garden in Wanganui, and we went there for an extra day. This botanical garden is Bason Botanic Gardens, because most tourists go to the Christchurch Botanical Garden, so there are still fewer tourists here, but you can listen to my husband explain plants to me quietly. The Rose Sea is not as big as Christchurch, but there are many plants and many more rare ones. There are several greenhouses, one of which is all lovely and meaty, and it is a paradise for meaty lovers. There is also a greenhouse with a variety of roses, we went to the rose greenhouse just opened into a sea of flowers. Walking in the rose greenhouse I think of the little prince's roses, and I see so many beautiful, blooming roses for us, like in a dream garden, not to mention how happy. The natural oxygen bar botanical garden is a post-modern building, with dense vegetation, well-managed, fresh air, a faint fragrance of flowers. After visiting this botanical garden, not only did I gain a lot of plant knowledge my husband explained to me, but it was as if I had cleared my lungs and felt very relaxed. It was simply natural oxygen. Warm tip: Botanical Garden is open from 7 am to 6:30 am, you should pay attention to the opening time."