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Observation Deck
Wellington Wind Turbine

Wellington Wind Turbine

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"Observation Deck"
Open from 7:00am-9:00pm (Local time)
"A beautiful day in the windy city of Wellington On Sunday, we took a couple of friends to go for a walk on the Brooklyn Wind Turbine Hill. The first wind turbine we went to was in Brooklyn, and we reached there via a narrow winding road from the bottom to the top of Tarot (about 3 and a half hours). The wind is very strong, and there are some sheep farms nearby, where cattle and sheep run freely. At this point, you can park to watch the farm and the surrounding coastal areas-quite a cold view. The infinite scenery is on the dangerous peak, probably due to the altitude, the top is still lush and green. There are many steep places on the path, you need to adapt. The closer you get to the top, the greater the sound and volume of the wind turbine, and the sound of the wings passing through the air is very sour. The view from the top of the mountain is beautiful! You can even see the straits of South Island and Wellington. The other wind farm we went to is located near Makara. The characteristic of this wind farm is that the load of the wind turbines is large, which is larger than the previous installed power. You can even take a detour to see the beach and feel the strong wind. As Wellington’s “favored icon”, the wind turbines here were nearly demolished by the power company because the cost of maintaining a single turbine is too high. In the end, the Wellington people united to save the lone wind turbine because it has become the "Wellington's icon". Wind turbines in Wellington can be accessed on foot or by car, but the experience in either case is amazing! Just like the redwoods in the virgin forests of North America, some are so big that they are cute, and they can also pass through vehicles and people in the middle, like a natural gateway. If you are on a picnic, I suggest you bring enough water and food. The 3-hour trek is still very difficult. If you are going to the hills on the south bank, I suggest you choose a good weather to visit this place. However, if you want to go, then Khao Khao San can provide better scenery! The view over there is wider and the scenery is more beautiful. Tips: 1. Wear hiking boots and jackets (the wind on the top of the mountain is too much) 2. Wear sunglasses and sun protection."