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Things To Do in Wenchang

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_We***14It's a good place to go especially if you like outdoor adventure. It's easy to locate and the view is fantastic
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Famous Residences
OracularThe attraction is located in the geographical center of Wenchang, not the center of the city, in fact the old house is not big, but Sheng is remodeling a variety of Song family history records museum, you can fully understand the family structure and the history of the members of the story, the scenic ticket price is more favorable (but based on the overall small, No amount of extra entry prices is particularly worth it. The garage entrance commercial facility is currently being renovated and is expected to be better in the near future.
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Science & Technology Museum
云中子0115Mainly popular science knowledge, exhibition knowledge, and Comrade Qian Xuesen's life introduction. For adults, it may be a little simple. It is more suitable for parent-child tours or school-organized tours. Because it is on the way to the eastern suburb of Yulin, you can take a look.
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Military Site
心灵宫殿"Heaven" in position, arrow point to the sky, Wenchang, this Hainan familiar small city, since ancient times is the treasure of talented people, is the hometown of the honorary president of the country Song Qingling. Wenchang Low Latitude High Altitude, Wenchang Satellite Launch Center is located in Longlou Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, China, and is one of the few low latitude launch sites in the world. Today is destined to be a memorable day, according to the China Manned Space Engineering Office, the Long March 5th B-2 carrier rocket has completed the propellant injection, and plans to launch the Chinese space station's first module "Tianhe" core module at 11:23 p.m. on April 29, 2021 at the Wenchang launch site in Hainan, This means that the Chinese space station construction curtain is about to open. From the center of Wenchang, across the Qinglan Bridge, along the straight straight road straight, you can see the road right "Wenchang satellite launch center" sign. A hotel and beach are the best view of rocket launches from a distance, with CCTV and PLA reporters set up cameras on the hotel's rooftops. From a distance, two towers dominate the landscape of the blue sky. At the time, the Long March 5th B-2 carrier rocket carrying the space station "Tianhe" core module was ignitioned at our Wenchang space launch site. Although the local weather was cloudy and thick, the rocket disappeared from our sight in a short while, but from the online news: The core module of the Heaven and the rocket successfully separated into the predetermined orbit, the solar sails spread smoothly and worked normally, the launch mission was a complete success. Everyone cheered happily. From here! To space! The world's eyes will be gathered here, the new generation of China, the new generation of space dream, will set sail again! As a Chinese, are you proud?! Tip: Wenchang Satellite Launch Center Traffic: Self-driving; Or take the train to [Wenchang] station, get off at the bus stop sign can wait to go to the moon bay bus or Wenchang No. 15 bus, will pass the intersection of the space launch base, 11 yuan. every 40 minutes. On the tour guide to the space city: the wenchang tourism department has opened the space city sightseeing tour, currently small-scale open, the daily reception number of about 300 people, only open to chinese citizens. Visitors can take their ID card to Wenchang Performance Convention Center, 398 Wenchang Avenue. Visitors can sign up through the center service point, each person charge 130 yuan service fee. The daily tour bus departure time is 8:30, return time is 17:30. After the tourists get on the bus, there is a guide to provide explanation, after arriving at Wenchang satellite launch center, must pass strict security check. The tourists take a battery car to visit the launch center, there is a special reception staff to explain. The visitors can watch the launch tower command center and launch tower close up. Personally felt the satellite launch center was superb but the visit was boring as it was just a few buildings in the exterior and full of pride. Note: Remember to bring your ID card or you won't get in! The space base has a sightseeing battery car, still relatively easy. Some places of the launch site are military secrets, no access, no photography, please keep secret for national defense.
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莺语花儿"Wenchang orange half Hainan. The eastern suburb of the Yulin most scenery. Yue trees. Hammock. The cabin is the eastern suburb of the Yulin characteristics. Step into the Yulin path. Here the Yue trees into pieces. Yue Zibai. is a good place to experience the Yuefeng sea charm.
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E34***43If you want to see the real nature beauty i recommended this place for visit.

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About Wenchang

Wenchang is one of the three great historical monuments of Hainan. A county-level administrative unit directly under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, it is the original source of Hainan's Minnan culture. Holding the reputation of being the hometown of nine great things, it is the hometown of Chinese coconuts, Overseas Chinese, volleyball, culture, the Mothers of the Nation, aerospace, generals, calligraphy and longevity. It is a key tourist city in Hainan known as the “Pearl on the Sunny East Coast” and boasts beautiful natural scenery and profound cultural heritage.

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