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Jinzhu Gully Agriculture Sightseeing Garden

Jinzhu Gully Agriculture Sightseeing GardenNearby City

4.3/520 Reviews
Botanical Garden
Ninghai Forest Hot Spring

Ninghai Forest Hot SpringNearby City

4.2/5918 Reviews
Hot Spring
9:30-23:00 (Local time)
The Ninghai Forest Hot Spring is commonly known as the Tianming Mountain Nanxi Hot Spring, and is a famous forest hot spring in Eastern China. It is nestled in the Tianming valley in Shenzhen Town, located in the northwest of Ninghai Municipality. It mainly consists of a residential district and a hot spring district, with a shuttlebus service that runs in between the two districts. Especially in winter, it's extremely enjoyable to come and soak in a hot spring. There are two types of hot spring pools, indoor and outdoor. All of the outdoor pools are built on a hillside and are at one with nature. Other than being known for hot springs, the scenery here is also stunningly beautiful, and the green hills and clear water form a giant natural "source of oxygen." After bathing in the water, visitors can explore and take a leisurely tour of the area.
Xianju Bayberry

Xianju BayberryNearby City

4.6/513 Reviews
Xianju bayberry is one of the famous specialties in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. It has been cultivated for thousands of years, with Xianju's special terrain and climate very suitable for the growth of bayberry. Here the bayberry matures early, big, and sweet. Xianju bayberry has two types— precocious water chestnut species and late mature Dongkui species, which can be picked for more than two months. Therefore, every year when the bayberry matures, it attracts countless tourists for sightseeing and picking.
Tiantai Hot Spring Villa

Tiantai Hot Spring VillaNearby City

4.3/528 Reviews
Hot Spring
Sunday-Thursday: 17:00-23:00, Friday, Saturday, legal holidays: 15:00-23:00. (Local time)
Tiantai Hot Spring Villa is found at the foot of Tiantai Mountain and next to Guoqing Temple. It boasts a famous Han-Tang style building. The whole building is similar to the layout of the Chinese traditional courtyard houses. The brick and white walls are composed of the four-story buildings of Han-Tang style plus an open center courtyard. The whole building complex looks simple and elegant. In addition to the regular outdoor bubble pool, the villa is particularly eye-catching with a clear outdoor heated water pool in the center courtyard. Swimming in the warm pool, looking up and seeing the water in the Tiantai Mountain of Shenxiu Mountain is a fun enjoyable experience.
Shenxianwan Hot Spring

Shenxianwan Hot SpringNearby City

4.7/57 Reviews
Hot Spring
Not yet opened, the details are subject to the publicity of the scenic spot. (Local time)
Shenxianwan Hot Spring is located in the territory of Xianju Dazha Township. It absorbs the essence of Taoist health way, and it promotes a new era of hot spring health. Shenxianwan Hot Spring is special for having a large number of high quality outdoor pools. There are also hot spring culture expo parks, wedding photography bases, organic ecological fruits wonderland.
Songlan Mountain Resort

Songlan Mountain ResortNearby City

4.2/51,173 Reviews
8:00-20:30 (July 1 - August 31), 8:00-17:00 (September 1 - June 30) (Local time)
Mount Songlan Resort is located on the beachfront 9 kilometer southeast of Xiangshan County. It has a large flat beach and visitors can experience a variety of water ride. The beaches are divided into the eastern and southern zones. The beaches in the east are more open. You can ride motorboats and sea bikes at your own expense. The beaches in the southern area are sandy beaches and have high quality sand.
Nanyuan Hot Springs Resort

Nanyuan Hot Springs ResortNearby City

4.2/569 Reviews
Hot Spring
Monday-Thursday: 19:00-23:00, Friday-Sunday: 13:00-23:00, legal holidays: 12:00-23:00. (Local time)
Located in Nanxi Hot Springs of Ningbo, Nanyuan Hot Spring Resort is located in the Wolong Valley Scenic Area of ​​Tianming Mountain in Forest Park. The villas are surrounded with quiet and beautiful landscapes. The water for Spa, with constant temperature and soft quality, comes from Nanxi Hot Springs. The Resort provides special guest houses with different features , such as Meiyuan, Songyuan, Guiyuan, Zhuyuan and Taoyuan.
Dapan Mountain Hot Spring

Dapan Mountain Hot SpringNearby City

4.5/549 Reviews
Hot Spring
12:00-22:00 (Local time)
The Dapanshan hot spring water comes from the underground of more than 1,000 meters, and the outlet water temperature is more than 60 degrees. It consists of an indoor spa area, four hot springs of beauties, ice fire springs, Three-talent Spring, Six-luck Spring Area and other special hot spring ponds. The environment is very good, the parking is convenient, and the spa villas are clean and tidy. It is a good place for leisure and holiday with family and friends.
Hengdian Sunny Spring Valley Leisure Resort

Hengdian Sunny Spring Valley Leisure ResortNearby City

4.5/5228 Reviews
Hot Spring
Golden Week 10:00-24:00; Holiday 12:00-24:00; Saturday 12:00-24:00; Sunday-Fri 13:00-22:00 (Local time)
Hengdian Sunny Spring Valley Leisure Resort is located in Hengdian Town, Jinhua. It is a leisure and tourist resort created by the Hengdian Film and Television City. The hot spring resort is divided into six areas, including the comprehensive service area, the indoor large hall, the outdoor open-air pool, the Tang-style street, the independent mountain bath house and the well-being building. There are also children and adult water play amusement equipment and special cuisine. It is an excellent choice of travel and leisure for the whole family.
Erlingshan Hengyuan Hot Spring

Erlingshan Hengyuan Hot SpringNearby City

4.6/5341 Reviews
Hot Spring
Hot Spring
Summer : May 15th - October 15th, Monday - Friday: indoor hot spring: 15:30-23:30, outdoor hot spring: 17:00-23:30, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: indoor Hot springs: 14:30-23:30, outdoor hot springs: 17:00-23:30. Winter time period: October 16th - May 14th, Monday - Friday: indoor hot spring: 13:00-22:30, outdoor hot spring: 17:00-22:30, Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: indoor Hot springs: 10:00-22:30, outdoor hot springs: 17:00-22:30. National Day (October 1 - October 8) Hot Spring opening Hours: 10:00-23:30. Buffet opening hours: daily buffet dinner: 17:30-21:00; Saturday and Sunday buffet lunch: 11:30-14:00. (Local time)
Located at the foot of Erling Mountain, Erlingshan Hengyuan Hot Spring is divided into outdoor open-air hot spring areas and indoor comprehensive spa areas. You can choose your favorite outdoor pools to unwind and relax in and then take a rest on the heated stone slabs inside. Massages, pedicures, and other services are available inside, and snacks such as fruit and refreshments are available in the lounge. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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