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Top Things to do In Wenzhou 2021



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Lishui Ancient Street

Lishui Ancient Street

4.1/5190 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 3 reviews
Open from 1/1-12/31,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The Yongjia County of Jiangji/Travel Notes belongs to Zhejiang Province. It is a city with excellent historical and cultural heritage. It mainly takes ancient villages as carriers, maintains, repairs, and moderately develops tourism resources with certain characteristics. Among the more famous ones are Lishui Street, Cangpo Ancient Village and Furong Ancient Village as representatives. Lishui Street is not just a street. There is an old street at the gate of the scenic spot. It is very lively with the shops selling daily necessities of the residents. I didn't see the usual merchants selling tourist souvenirs at the entrance of the scenic spot. This gave me a good impression. Entering the scenic spot is a river. I didn’t see that the river was running water, but it was quite clean. Both sides of the river are covered with verandahs and shops. The interior and exterior decorations of the structure have a rustic style, and there is no shortage of fresh or fashionable or ethnic styles. Generally, restaurants and cafes are used as business content, which is somewhat elegant. The river is not long, and it splits into two branches. It looks like a lake. There is a middle island in the lake. Planting trees and flowers adds to the meaning of red and willow green. There is also a small bridge with a tea pavilion, which looks like a garden. Zhang's beautiful photos with reflections have a little ancient charm. Walking inside, there are folk houses, hills, show towers, academies, ancient houses, and ancestral halls. The scenery is gentle, full of antiquity and well protected. There are also some themed photographic works displayed to interpret the folk cultural heritage of Lishui Street, which is appropriate and appropriate. Fengya, I took a picture of a reflection in the academy based on the gourd painting. The original drama costume was replaced by me. The ancient village of Cangpo won the victory with the layout of the village. The whole village is based on pen, ink, paper and inkstone. One straight path is the pen, and one end points to Beacon Hill. The stone bridges on both sides are ink ingots, and several ponds are inkstones. The length of the village is paper, laying the tone of cultural connotation. The old houses in the village are in the same line as the water system. The flowing river brings vitality and spring, and the tranquility is like a small house, adding a bit of sweetness to the green jade. Furong Ancient Village is not Furong Town in western Hunan. It has a different style but also very interesting. The whole village is designed according to the pattern of seven stars and eight buckets, but it is a little regrettable that the observation deck is missing. The level of maintenance of the village is average, there is no commercial atmosphere and it is very clean. It is difficult to appreciate the beauty of the whole and the individual if it is not concentrated on research. Yongjia places great emphasis on cultural heritage, so every village has academies and schools, and the scale is also very large. It is also a kind of elegant fun to see an academy that verifies ancient books and posts a list to offer a reward for a wrong word. . Overall, I feel that Yongjia is very bookish, and there have been many celebrities in history. If you have a leisure time of three or two days, it is very suitable to walk around and stay. Especially those who like ancient villages and towns, the commercialization here is not serious, and the original life scenes are still maintained, and even the original humanities of the ordinary people can be carefully experienced."
Taishun Lounge Bridge

Taishun Lounge Bridge

4.5/566 Reviews
ta-iconbased on 8 reviews
Open 24 hours (Local time)
"Jiang Ji/Travel Notes of Taishun Covered Bridge. Taishun is located in southern Zhejiang Province. The covered bridge in Taishun is known as the most beautiful covered bridge in the world. Visits to seek the truth. The heavy rain on the way to Taishun made me worry about the scenery I could encounter. I was lucky. When I parked at the gate of Shuangqiao, the rain stopped without warning, leaving only slightly moist air. . The breath after the rain mixed with the smell of green grass was very refreshing, and a cool breeze washed away the dullness. After the heavy rain, the stream is full of water, overflowing from higher positions. The artificially forged and polished stone steps are like neat piano keys, smooth and round, and the stream passes through the gaps and splashes with a halo to form a dense splash of water. The sound of quiet and dynamic above the water, coupled with the branches and green leaves hanging down the shore, is a vivid landscape painting. The Beijian Bridge crosses the tributary of the stream. It is a single wooden bridge. The whole bridge does not have a nail or bolt. It is a frame built entirely of wooden beams and columns. The slate bridge deck and the tiled corridors together form a workman. The covered bridges that walked and sheltered from wind and rain, and some even set up stalls on the bridge, full of life. The approach bridge is full of stone steps, the grass climbing out of the gaps between the stone slabs has a strong quaint taste, the ancient trees next to the bridge are quiet and sweet, and the water under the trees gathers a lot of fish waiting to be fed, and there are people relaxing. There is a Xidong Bridge on the other side of the street not far from the Beijian Bridge. It is called the sister bridge together with the Beijian Bridge. It looks exactly the same, except that the surrounding scenery is slightly inferior, but there are also places that stand out, that is the part of the bridge’s porch. It's more dignified, so it's worth seeing. Both of these are ancient bridges. They have gone through ups and downs for hundreds of years, and they have to donate money to repair them, so they still maintain a good style. Taishun is known as the hometown of covered bridges. Therefore, there are a large number of covered bridges scattered everywhere, with different shapes and characteristics. Some have been dilapidated, some are still intact. I drove around nearly ten places, and finally concluded that I still feel sisters The bridge is the most beautiful. I saw a new covered bridge under construction in Sankui. It was introduced as the largest span bridge in Asia. It was constructed using wood and tenon-and-mortise structure completely in accordance with the ancient method. It has been built for more than three years and is expected to be completed next year. The donor is the local The Qiu family in the township has invested more than 30 million yuan, which are all hard-earned in other businesses of their own. According to Boss Qiu himself, it is a feeling. I carefully looked at the surrounding auxiliary facilities and the scenery along the river to basically judge. It is for the purpose of commercial return, but it is not easy. It is not a shameful thing to be able to rely on culture to obtain economic benefits, even I understand the high-end ones. The so-called cultural platform and economic singing can both give the people more cultural experience and promote prosperity. It is a good thing that kills two birds with one stone. It's a pity that the concept is still inseparable from the concept of the largest and the highest. Maybe in the minds of the Chinese people, the scale is the mainstream expression of the tall." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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