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Open from 7:30am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Taiping Temple, located at Lucheng Road, Wenzhou City, is located at the foot of Cuiwei Mountain. It has a long history and steep gates. Su and Huguo, Tianning, Jiafu and Kaiyuan temples are collectively called the five jungles of Wenzhou County. It was built in the seventh year of Tianfu in the Later Jin Dynasty (942 AD). At that time, under the rule of Wu Yueqian, the sacred religion was promoted, the temple was solemn, the cause was extraordinary, the prosperous age was peaceful, the pilgrims filled the gate, and the fame was great. In the 7th year of Zhengde of Ming Dynasty (AD 1512), Master Chaoyin was expanded, and the regulations became more magnificent. There were 800 monks, which was extremely prosperous. The following year, the temple records were compiled, but he has died and lost. At the beginning of the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty, the monk Su'an, the Zen master Zhishun, was stationed here, expounded and promoted the sacred religion, repaired the Tiantai religion, and taught meditation day and night. Zen Master Zhishun is the 24th generation heir of Tiantai Sect, Yongzheng Jiayin (1734 AD) passed away here. "Taiping Zhishun Monk Stele Records" and Yinjiang merchants "Leshui Chuangxiu Stele Records" two stones still exist (after the stele is broken), after the stele is placed in the temple, two Buddhist pagodas are still built! Feng Yuan broadcasts, common sense, literati and inexperienced, lingering forgiveness, inscriptions on gold and stone, many records. Unfortunately, such as Ye Shi, Huang Huai, Zhang Cong, etc., the inscriptions and steles were also lost due to years of famine. Since the end of the Qing Dynasty, there have been many ill-fated fortunes. During the Anti-Japanese War, the 33rd Division of the National Army was stationed here, and the monastery was reduced to a barracks. After liberation, it continued to be the garrison of the Wenzhou Military Division. After the reconstruction, Taiping Temple is surrounded by mountains and bridges, with beautiful scenery, fresh ancient temples, and cool Sanskrit charm. Zhong Wen Oupu, Moon Seal Gion Forest, a pure land, all sorts of worship. Bodhi seedlings are deeply planted in the hearts of children, the merits will benefit the suffering of the common people, the circulation area shows the magical functions of the magic objects, and the vegetarian restaurant popularizes the concept of compassion. At the beginning of the year, there were gatherings of eminent monks; at weekends, a group of talented people must come. Two o'clock fast class, half a month to recite the vows, settle the summer, and set up lectures; there are more than 100 resident nuns and monks, more than a thousand people listen to the Dharma and the Buddha, follow the law, teach and follow the pure land, learn more and think more. The building of the dojo is more solemn than the deer garden, and Buddhism is spread like a spring breeze! Ancient people have said: To establish a heart for the world, to establish a destiny for the living and the people, for the sage to continue to learn, and to create peace for all generations. Today's ode says: Thousands of classes are converted to Kai Taiping, and the Tathagata will restore ZTE. King Qian builds a tower of Shenzhou Le, and everyone believes in peace and quiet. Magnolia is pure and white and still maintains the precepts, and the camphor is so tall as to protect the screen. The bridge Changhong connects to the other shore, and Lianhuabao is good at practicing." is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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