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BetTerDAYIn the mausoleum of the father of Turkey, Kemal, the father of Turkey, is asleep. Kemal is a politician I admire very much. As an Islamic, he is a politician who can resolutely make the decision to expel the Caliph for a new country.
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Historical Site
乖小咪Ankara Castle has a history of more than 1,000 years and is an early military building of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. The design of the castle is very advanced. It has a four-story city inside and outside. Chen Qiang is made of large stones and is very strong. Although it has been through thousands of years, it is still well preserved. It is definitely worth visiting and admiring.
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lin***01A place that makes your maiden heart explode, the beauty of Turkey is so much too much, the most wanted to go is Lake Tuz, I went in mid-September, just in time to the lake turned pink, take a handful of water, all pink like crystal sea salt, especially beautiful, It is said that it is also possible to be beautiful and a must for women.
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City | ​​landmark
燃烧生命的小胖妞Cappadokia is known for its fairytale porphyry: fascinating historical sites of unusual rock formations, caves and semi-recluse. Miles of caves, tunnels and hundreds of underground cities have made it a world away from the earth. Enjoy the view on the hot air balloon, in the hot air balloon look at the mountains, the ravines, ravines and valleys, is one piece of "the forest of stone pillars."
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juki235The Anatolian Civilization Museum in Ankara is a professional museum displaying the Anatolian civilization. Many precious stone carvings or rock paintings have been unearthed here, reflecting the wisdom and exquisite skills of the ancient ancestors. It also restored the life scenes at that time. It is a very important place to understand this civilization and it is worth visiting.
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_GG***84its extraodinary art work is very special . i am recommandong to visit this mosque once if come to ankara .

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Rahmi M. Koc MuseumAnkara,Turkey

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Augustus TapinagiAnkara,Turkey

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Ulus Ataturk Heykeli‎Ankara,Turkey

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Roman BathsAnkara,Turkey

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Hıdırlık Tepesi,Turkey

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Hatti MonumentAnkara,Turkey

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