West Black Sea Region
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elsashen0529Saffron City, an ancient city on the World Cultural Heritage Protection List under the morning sun, is really beautiful, with a temperature of minus four degrees, and you really need to pay attention to cold and warm. The houses here are especially tasteful and worth visiting!
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Historical Site
乖小咪The Kirenhama public bath in Safranbolu is the oldest existing bathhouse in Turkey. It can be said that this is the birthplace of Turkish bath. The ancient masonry bathroom is very historical. It is definitely a place to experience and visit when you come to Safranbolu.
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乖小咪Fuduerk Hill is the highest point of Safranbolu, and it is also the best place to overlook the entire Safranbolu Old City. The scenery here is very beautiful, the air is fresh, the vegetation is lush, and the birds and flowers are fragrant. It is a must-visit place in Saffron City.
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Featured Neighbourhood
乖小咪The Carsi neighborhood is the old town of crocus, where the buildings are mostly centuries old, the old churches, mosques, baths, and the open-air bazaar are also very lively, a very rich Turkish traditional cultural characteristics of the neighborhood.
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Historical Architecture
乖小咪The clock tower in Fanhonghua City is a landmark of this historic city. Because the buildings here are not tall, the clock tower becomes the highest point here. At the top of the tower, there is a big bell, which will ring every time when it is punctual, and the melodious bell echoes over the small city, which is very artistic.
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Ancient Settlement
门子乀Go to the Yoryuk village 15 kilometers east of Safranbolu, where there are many beautiful, even dilapidated old houses. These old houses once lived with dervishes of the Bektasi sect. The government forced the nomads to settle here and levied taxes on them. Later, the villagers became rich because of their superb bread baking skills. There are only about 500 people left in the entire Yoryuk Village, most of whom are elderly. Some middle-aged people also stay here mainly by opening their houses for sightseeing.

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Burmali MinareAmasya Merkez,Turkey

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Yoruk KoyuSafranbolu,Turkey

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Çankırı Müzesi,Turkey

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Kastamonu AirportKastamonu Merkez,Turkey

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Zonguldak Airport,Turkey

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Amasya CastleAmasya Merkez,Turkey

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