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Things To Do in Wuding

175 Reviews
境无界It is already the first winter season, missed the time when the famous Peony and Chrysanthemums in Lion Mountain are open, the quality of the tour is not discounted, the tour is just a head, looking for a fun, right? Besides, don't go too far in the pursuit of perfection, but also leave an excuse for the next visit, right?
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境无界The rift valley in my clothes is breathtaking. I am located in my clothes town, Wuding County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province, also known as the Great Rift Valley in Yuzhong. Thank God, let me have the opportunity to experience the most beautiful rift valley on the earth! Thank God, let me see the beauty of the rift valley asphyxiating!
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滇国剑客The water city river, which is full of love, seems to take special care of it, forming a level of flow, pouring into the lake and mountains on the side of the weekend, forming a new 䃾 landscape, serving many visitors.
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D29***30It is a convenient way to explore different traditions because they are gathered in a same place, many performances are given all over the ethnic village (I was there end of September), and nearby there are hotels where you can stay in order to be closer to the ethnic village.
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SarahMcWe had such a fun day here with our kids! The ticket package was well worth the money, so much to do and see and was a little off the beaten track (which for us was a bonus). recommend westerners reading up on the significance of Journey to the West or watching the movie before going.
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_GG***79Once a year experience during late November, where you get to see and feed the seagulls that migrate here. Lots of people come here to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. Try to come early morning as there are more Seagulls. Do walk to the food stalls nearby as there is some nice food there too.

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