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Xiachuan Island
:Research exit/entry policy before you travel
Local Situation: Social distancing and enhanced precautions recommended| Travel Restrictions: Quarantine measures likely in place. Check policy details for more information.Details
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Things To Do in Xiachuan Island

Xiachuan Island Wangfuzhou Tourist Area
2,085 Reviews
_M1***46During the May Day holiday, I drove two cars with my family and eight people from Foshan to Chuanshan Islands. My niece booked a hotel in Xiachuan Island scenic spot online in advance. Because it was the peak season, the price was several times more expensive than usual. The scenic area is well managed. First park the car in the parking lot outside, and then buy a ticket to go in. Our family has spent thousands of tickets for a package of 158 yuan per person. Seeing that there were so many people in line to board the boat, we had lunch nearby and then waited in line for about half an hour before boarding the boat. Although there are many people, it is in order. After another half-hour ride on the ferry, I boarded the island, disembarked and took the tourist bus for another 20 minutes to the entrance of the scenic spot. All major hotels use battery cars to pick up and drop off to the hotel for free, which is environmentally friendly and convenient. After staying in the hotel, our family went for a walk on the beach. The sea breeze was slow and the waves were surging. It was really comfortable to take off our shoes and step in the sea. The weather is a bit cold, but the sea is warm. Our family took a walk while chatting and enjoyed the leisure time by the sea. When we saw a primary school student picking shells, we persuaded him that shells are creatures. If they leave the sea, they will die and stink. They can’t eat or play, so it’s better to let them go to the sea. He threw the shell back into the sea very obediently! The weather is bad and the pictures are not beautiful enough. The scenic area is well managed, but the beach is a bit dirty with many tourists, and some places are a bit smelly. Renting a jeep on the island is too expensive, two hundred yuan an hour for self-driving. Minibuses are cheaper and not fun. Motorbikes cannot be rented without a driver's license. Seafood is very convenient, the price is not cheap, but it is fresh. The local seafood is sold on the dock. It looks shoddy and poorly packaged. It can't be bought back to give away to relatives and friends. There is no desire to buy. Salted fish does not know whether it is made of live or dead fish. For us in Sichuan, the sea is our most desirable tourist destination.
Nearby City
Shangchuan Island Feisha Beach Resort
761 Reviews
帅气的其大大Shangchuan Island recommends Feiyue Mingsu. The boss is very good. It is only two minutes from the scenic spot. You can walk through the woods and reach the beach. You live very comfortable. The boss will pick you up. The boss is superb. He has made a table of seafood. You can buy seafood yourself and let the boss help you process it. Give a handmade fee and chartered a tour around the island. To windmill hill, super, also contacted the chartered boat to go fishing. Good value for money, good scenery, p1p7 windmill mountain, the scenery is super beautiful, p2p3 fishing in the sea, very experienced, p4 beach, recommended to buy a dumpling, the import is very fresh, p5p6 boss makes seafood, super delicious, after eating and mahjong can be entertained.
Nearby City
Naqing Peninsula Geological Ocean Park
1,120 Reviews
City Park
gz当地向导伊妹儿The Naqin Peninsula Geological Ocean Park is located in the coastal area of the northern steep town of Taishan, Guangdong, and is a tourist resort with a good scenery, comfortable temperature and leisure.
Nearby City
Chuandao Tourist Resort
268 Reviews
我要出去浪233Kawashima scenery is really well-known, has come more than once, different weather beach has different landscape, in addition to the beach and sea, Shangchuan and the maritime Silk Road Museum these human landscape and fresh delicious seafood, but unfortunately, every time I went to see the church of Francisco.
Nearby City
Langqin Bay
158 Reviews
109***00Langqin Bay Weijiao Village, there are not many people during the Qingming holiday, the beach is in the village, there are many homestays in the village, you can change your slippers and go to the sea after you stay. The sand is black, the rare black beach is very interesting. There are many big stalls in the village, it is very convenient to eat, and the price is also fair!
Nearby City
Cape City Ancient Boat Island
71 Reviews
m25***85In Taishan, not far from home, I found Guzhou Island by accident. Ctrip booked early tickets with discounts. The scenery on the island is very good, there are not many people, and it is very cool. Sitting and blowing the sea breeze is so cool, spring comes again, hoping to encounter white dolphins at the observation deck

Xiachuan Island Weather

Apr 23, 2021
22 ~ 32
Apr 24, 2021
22 / 32
Apr 25, 2021
23 / 31
Apr 26, 2021
22 / 28
Apr 27, 2021
24 / 29
Apr 28, 2021
21 / 29
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Xiachuan Island
Apr 23, 2021 Xiachuan Island Weather:Sunny, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:87%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:03/18:52
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