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Things To Do in Xianju

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Geological Sites
Nelshenxianju. come visit this place. this is one of the best place for hiking. breathtaking views.
138 Reviews
中西南北东Walking all over the world, the immortal residence is a place that must be visited in a lifetime. [View] is first-class, spectacular, magnificent, I don't know how to describe it, in short, a word, "value." [Fun] This place is a natural scenery, not an amusement park. [Cost-effective] is super high, definitely worth it in the five A scenic spot.
312 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
打了还打Muming went to, did not consider the bayberry festival, so I looked at the ancient town. However, the ancient town ancient street is also similar and small, the characteristics are not obvious, not many tourists. Only one ancient house inside another colored light display, very interesting. The traditional lights of all colors, the mirrors of all sides are stunning...
308 Reviews
tommy1979Not many people climb the mountain, not many attractions on the mountain, is to take the elevator up the mountain, from the above to see the panshan km is very beautiful, there is a temple on the mountain is not very prosperous, the most exciting is to go down the mountain, from the mountain to take a slide down, the road is very smooth.
156 Reviews
szhao5353The scenery is general, but there are few people. The Wuyi can play to the bamboo raft rafting that does not have to queue at all. The water is very clear. There are some paragraphs that can see the trash that the tourists discard. The overall experience with the baby is good.
84 Reviews
晴天白云168Beautiful scenery, beautiful mountains and waters, the service facilities are relatively complete, the inside area is not big, the people are not tired after walking, the transportation is very convenient, very good tourist destination, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good,

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Gongyu Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Xianju BayberryTaizhou,China

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Xianju Scenic AreaTaizhou,China

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Commercial StreetTaizhou,China

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Chenshi ZongciTaizhou,China

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Xianju Travel Tips

About Xianju

Xianju is located at the intersection of Taizhou and the three cities of Wenzhou, Lishui and Jinhua. It is a national key scenic spot. Covering an area of 2,000 square kilometers, of which hilly mountains account for 80.6% of the county, and there is a saying that it is "eight part mountain, one part water and one part field". Xianju is an ancient capital with a long history and culture. In the late Tang Period, many ancient poets and other talents came forth from here in large numbers. It is also China's main fruit town. The tangerines and bayberry from here are famous both in China and overseas.

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