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About Xianju

Xianju is located at the intersection of Taizhou and the three cities of Wenzhou, Lishui and Jinhua. It is a national key scenic spot. Covering an area of 2,000 square kilometers, of which hilly mountains account for 80.6% of the county, and there is a saying that it is "eight part mountain, one part water and one part field". Xianju is an ancient capital with a long history and culture. In the late Tang Period, many ancient poets and other talents came forth from here in large numbers. It is also China's main fruit town. The tangerines and bayberry from here are famous both in China and overseas.

Popular Attractions in Xianju

3,236 Reviews
Shenxianju is located in Baita Town, Xianju County. It contains almost all the essences of Xianju. Every mountain, river, cliff, cave, stone or peak has its own uniqueness, as if they are the bonsai scenery the gods have designed for their own mansion. Shenxianju is one of the classic large-scale volcanic rhyolite landforms in the world. Its landscape is rich and concentrated, with more than 100 scenic spots. The valley of Xiqiao is at the center and the peaks, cliffs, streams and waterfalls are formed around it. There are four large heavenly gates in the east, west, south and north. The heavenly gates are composed of two dangerous peaks that stand opposite each other, as if they are the hosts welcoming their guests.
Potan Ancient Town
285 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The ancient town of Potan is located in the west of Xianju County, connecting the southeast coast and the west of inland Zhejiang. In the old days, there was a commercial area along the Yong'an River. On certain days, people from the surrounding areas would come to Potan market. Shops along the street, old houses, and the frameless needled lanterns with millennium history were all preserved. The Frameless Lantern Exhibition in the town centre is one of the characteristics of local culture.
Xianju Jingxing Cliff Scenic Spot & Historical Site
287 Reviews
Jingxing Cliff is located in Xianju County, Zhejiang Province and is one of the eight scenic spots in Xianju. There are beautiful natural scenery and historic cultural landscapes, which have also become the scenes for famous movies. Famous attractions include Jingxing Wangyue, Xiangling Rock, and Wangyue Gallery. Jingxing Rock is a mountainous body that is long and narrow in the north and south.
Yongan River Drifting
134 Reviews
Yongan River Drifting is located in Ximen Village, Bulu Township, Xianju County, Taizhou City. The bamboo rafts made by Xianju are used as rafting tools, and the bamboo rafts flow down smoothly, sometimes from time to time. Away from the bustling and hustle and bustle of the city, people feel the beauty of nature. There are snacks, teas, souvenirs and other items for sale in the area, where you can also experience the fun of flipping a farmhouse.

Xianju Tours & Tickets

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Trip Moments

Joe Cai   
The movie "King of Kung Fu" is actually taken here. Here is the fairy house, not only the movie "King of Kung Fu" but also Zhang Jizhong's version of "Dragon" is also here. Shenxianju wins the natural scenery and maintains the original mountain scenery. There are mountain bamboo forests and waterfalls. What is even more amazing is that there are the largest volcanic rhyolite landforms in the world, so the cliffs are rich in layers. sense. Shenxianjujing is divided into the south gate and the north gate. Generally, it is a door that enters a door and there is no turning back. You can take a walk from the north and south gates for about an hour and then take the cable car to the top of the mountain. At the top of the mountain, you have to walk 1-2 hours to get to the exit, but the essence of the entire scenic spot is really concentrated in the hilltop area. The propaganda spot of the scenic spot is called Guanyin Peak, and the shape resembles the Nanhai Guanyin with the hands clasped together. However, it is necessary to find the true angle of the angle. If there is a sea of clouds, the scenery is excellent! From the Juxian Valley near the south exit, there is a very shocking cableway bridge called Nantian Bridge, which spans between the two mountains. Although there is no horror in the glass trestle, it is still not dare to look at the two sides. Walk in the scenic spot, you will often see such a signboard, which is to promote the high-altitude sling challenge. Even if you look at the photos, it is a horrifying picture. Similar to the tightrope is usually between the two peaks, and some people still spend The performance of the high jump, and so on, there is a chance to visit.
Posted: 30 Jul 2019
Shenxianju, a name like a fairy~ What kind of place is it, even the gods are lingering here, for a long time? Shenxianju is one of the famous scenic spots in Zhejiang, not only because of its immortality, but also its unique landform, which constitutes a unique landscape. Enter the scenic spot and take the electric car at the entrance of the scenic spot. After about 10 minutes, you will arrive at the cable car area and continue on the cable car until you reach the core of the scenic spot. The cable car went down the trail and the scenery along the road began to be dizzying. Every step is a surprise, with misty clouds, flowing clouds and waterfalls, Qifeng cliffs and 100-meter bridges. There are seven characteristics of Shenxianju worth seeing. Clouds, sunrises, volcanic rhyolites, waterfalls, Guanyin Peaks, suspended plank roads, and cliffs, but you want to see the whole, you have to rely on a bit of luck. Shenxianju is like a living museum. The mountains and rocks record the evolution of volcanoes hundreds of millions of years ago. It is the world's largest volcanic rhyolite landform. There is also a 3,000-meter-long suspended plank road in the scenic area. If you want to walk on it, you still need some courage. The plank road is built on the cliff and rotates with the mountain. One side is a thousand feet, the cliff is cliff, one side. It is a deep valley, a deep abyss. The Shenxianju area is large in size and it is recommended to arrange a 1-2 day tour. Shenxianju is a 5A-level scenic spot with a ticket of 125 yuan.
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