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Things To Do in Xinhua

Meishan Dragon Palace
374 Reviews
Geological Sites
精光葫芦娃Meishan Longgong is located in the picturesque riverside of Zishui, Xinhua County, Hunan Province, only 250 kilometers away from Changsha, the county town 28 kilometers away, convenient land and water transportation. Meishan Longgong is an underground cave group, composed of nine layers of caves and thousands of caves. The length of the cave is now 2876m, the area of the development is 58600m2, and the route is 1, 856m, including the mysterious underground river which is rare in the world. The whole cave house is divided into six scenic spots: dragon palace, green water lotus palace, jade emperor palace, dragon palace xianyuan, dragon palace customs, dragon and phoenix. In 2004, it was awarded the scenic spot of Hunan Province, and at the end of 2005, it was designated as a national scenic scenic spot and was named the new town eight scenic spot of Hunan province.
Ziquejie Terrace
292 Reviews
Terraced Field
蕙质兰心蕙质兰心The Purple Quejie Terraced Fields Scenic Area in Hunan is an important agricultural cultural heritage in the world. With its distinctive characteristics and unique style, it has the reputation of "Terrace Kingdom". It is a relief to watch the terraced fields of Ziquejie, the land of internet celebrities. The terraces here are exquisite and rhythmic, giving people a unique beauty...!
Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park
75 Reviews
木村脱裤Starting from Changsha, I arrived at the foot of the mountain in just over three hours. All the way up the mountain, the road conditions are not bad, but there is not much scenery to see. It was early, so we went straight to the top of the mountain along the road. There are many mountains on the top, and there are many windmills scattered on the top of the mountains. The scenery is quite spectacular! We played for a while and went to a temple in the middle of the mountain. At this time, there are few pilgrims in the temple, and the melodious Buddhist music keeps echoing softly in the temple. The environment is very elegant and makes people feel very peaceful! Moreover, the clean and new condition of the temple is that it has been repaired not long ago! If you can stay here for a few days, it must be very pleasant!
Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area
44 Reviews
TripSites of interest with the Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area include Ice Spring Canyon, Guanyin Valley, and Huashan Road as well as Yueguang Mountain, Eight Immortals Peak, and Jinji Cave. Sanlian is a branch of the Xuefeng Mountain Range. The peaks of the mountains undulate and form many beautiful valleys. because of the high volumes of rain in the area, the valleys have a number of beautiful waterfalls. The scenic area is surrounded north, south, east, and west on all four sides by magnificently beautiful and towering mountain peaks. The plateaus are broad and wide with vistas reaching all the way to the nearby Xinhua County. Within the valley there are many endangered plant species and a wide variety of wild animals.
Nearby City
Boyue Cave
85 Reviews
湖南株洲侯先生On September 13th, Mid-Autumn Festival, I visited Poyue Cave. I learned some information on the Internet in advance. There are many spots taken by the 86th Journey to the West. I came here with great expectations. After entering the gate of the scenic spot, I was a little disappointed at first. There are children's playgrounds on the roadside, plus some farmhouse houses, it feels a bit rustic. It is about 3 to 400 meters from the gate of the scenic spot to the entrance of the cave. I quickly walked to the entrance of the cave. There is a large iron gate at the entrance of the cave. The ticket office is next to it. Ask the staff and tell them to wait ten minutes before entering. The routines for visiting the caves are the same everywhere. They enter a group regularly and are brought in by a tour guide. After the stipulated time came, our group had about a dozen or twenty people, and we went in with the guide girl. Entering the first scene, I just felt that the rustic feeling was immediately washed away by the magnificent spectacle. Various strange rocks have gone through a long time. They are not only valuable for scientific research, but also very ornamental from the outside. They are beautiful under the reflection of various colors of lights. The voice of the little sister of the tour guide is like trickling water, calmly narrating the story behind each rock: this rock is like the face of a fox, that rock is like Guanyin Bodhisattva, these rocks are like a group of monkeys, and that rock is like the back of a fairy... I am completely According to what the tour guide said, many rocks are highly realistic. We walked slowly on the stone road paved in the cave. We went to a hall for a while, walked a winding path for a while, and walked through a small door shortly afterwards... With the cool air in the cave, we were extremely happy both physically and mentally. In Shuilian Cave, I fought close to the cave, and the water falling from the top of the rock splashed on top of my head. The experience was excellent. At the eighteenth bend of the winding path, it was like walking a spiral staircase, which aroused my wonderful feelings. Of course, the most important thing is all kinds of strange rocks. Why can they form like this over the long years? An explanation was given in terms of geology, and the little girl guide also mentioned some relevant knowledge. In May of this year, I went to Huanglong Cave in Zhangjiajie and compared Boyue Cave with Huanglong Cave. Huanglong Cave is more famous and Boyue Cave is less famous. But in terms of the connotation of the scenic spots, Huanglong Cave is like a famous family, and Boyue Cave is like Xiaojiabiyu. They are both good places! Finally, write a paragraph to Ctrip, what is the situation of the tickets for Poyue Cave? I booked the ticket on Ctrip on September 11, and the time was pushed a week forward. I saw the Ctrip ticketing interface stated that 70-year-olds were free of tickets. Why did it disappear on September 11? So I bought two adult tickets at the time, but the money for the tickets was not much. But when I went to the ticket window of Boyue Cave, I saw that 70-year-olds were free of tickets. So, please reply from the Ctrip staff. When I booked the ticket on September 11, where did the 70-year-old man go to the free ticket?
Lion Rock Park
47 Reviews
60岁极省自由行Xinhua Old Street, Xinhua people's own pride. The ancestors first came to Xinhua, because to rush to the hometown of Baixi, no time to go around the Xinhua boundary. Cars skimmed over Xinhua home, car photograph. But family repeatedly recommended to me their old street, to see their love of their hometown.

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Lion Rock Park
Lion Rock ParkLoudi,China

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Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic Area
Guanyin Cave Ice Springs Scenic AreaLoudi,China

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Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park
Daxiong Mountain National Forest ParkLoudi,China

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Meishan Dragon Palace
Meishan Dragon PalaceLoudi,China

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Ziquejie Terrace
Ziquejie TerraceLoudi,China

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Xinhua Travel Tips

About Xinhua

Xinhua is a county under the administration of Loudi City in Hunan Province. The county is located in the central area of Hunan Province, at the southern foot of Xuefeng Mountain, midway up the Zi River. Xinhua County is the central area of Meishan culture. The county is rich in tourism resources such as Daxiong Mountain National Forest Park, Meishan Dragon Palace, and natural landscapes like Ziquejie Terraced Fields. The county is also home to Meishan local cultural beliefs represented by the legendary character of Chi You.

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Xinhua Weather

Apr 17, 2021
Light rain
14 ~ 23
Apr 18, 2021
Moderate rain
12 / 15
Apr 19, 2021
Light rain
13 / 20
Apr 20, 2021
16 / 25
Apr 21, 2021
Light rain
17 / 27
Apr 22, 2021
17 / 23
Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Xinhua
Apr 17, 2021 Xinhua Weather:Light rain, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:100%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:09/19:01
Xinhua Travel:Use Caution, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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