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Han Dynasty Tomb Group of Hepu

Han Dynasty Tomb Group of HepuNearby City

3.8/552 Reviews
Closed on Monday, Tuesday-Sunday: 09:30-17:00, 17:00 stop admission (Local time)
The Han Dynasty Tomb Group of Hepu is located in the eastern suburb of Hepu County, Beihai City. It is an important cultural site of Hepu County and Hepu Port in the Han Dynasty. It is the largest Chinese tomb group in China. The Han Dynasty Tomb Group of Hepu are divided into two parts: the cultural relics unearthed from the Han Tomb and the physical display of the underground burial chamber. The unearthed cultural relics exhibition hall displays a number of unearthed cultural relics. The physical exhibition of the underground burial chamber displays mainly the Donghan brick room tomb of the original site protection and migration restoration.
Boat-shaped cottage house in Baicha Village

Boat-shaped cottage house in Baicha VillageNearby City

4.2/530 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
The architectural art of the Li ethnic group is reflected in their cottages. The cottages in Baicha Village are well preserved boat-shaped houses. The Li people constructed boat-shaped cottages for thousands of years. The material is simple and of high quality, demonstrating the technical mastery of the Li ethic group. Boat-shaped cottages look like upside-down vessels, and the thatch-eaves are low. This design is stable and protects from rain and wind.
Yalong Bay Central Square

Yalong Bay Central SquareNearby City

4.3/5432 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
8:00-18:00 (Local time)
Yalongwan Central Square is a well-known attraction in Yalong Bay and is a good place for recreation and entertainment. A totem pole comprised of giant granite and an aluminum alloy pillar stands in the square, and is a popular photo spot for tourists. The totem pole is engraved with images of dragons; phoenixes; sunbirds; fish and four gods of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. The sculptures around the totem pole are divided into three stone arrays with different themes, namely the four seasons, ancient myths, and traditional Chinese gods. It is ripe with cultural implications and mystery. The white sail-like tent and large multicolored fountain on the periphery of the square add a modern touch to the atmosphere.
Guchang Huacheng

Guchang HuachengNearby City

3.6/513 Reviews
Historical Site
Guchang Huacheng is a county town near the west coast of Changjiang County, Hainan Province. It is a famous tourist attraction. Guchang Huacheng was built in the Hongwu period of the Ming Dynasty. It has a history of several thousand years. The walls of Changhua City still have a very strong defense system. The scars and marks on the stone walls serve as historical evidence of their resistance to wars and attacks by the Wokou.
Zhujia Former Residence

Zhujia Former ResidenceNearby City

1/51 Reviews
Famous Residences
Yazhou Ancient City

Yazhou Ancient CityNearby City

3.9/5129 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
7:00-19:00, stop at 19:00 (Local time)
The ancient city of Yazhou is now the town of Yaya in Sanya. It is the seat of the Yaju County in the dynasties. It is also the southern wasteland of the emperors after the Tang Dynasty, leaving many poems and stories. Nowadays, there are not many complete monuments left here. Yazhou Xuegong is one of the most representative ones. It used to be the institution of higher education in Guya Prefecture. It is worthy of savoring whether it is architecture or preserved antiquities.
Han Mafubo Well

Han Mafubo WellNearby City

4.1/513 Reviews
Historical Site
Han Mafubo Well is a well dated from Han Dynasty. According to local villagers, this well was originally square, and was expanded into a round shape in later generations with bricks. Initially, there was Fubo Temple near the well, with a stone tablet embedded on the wall, which reads "Han Mafubo Well". Its water is cool in summer and warm in winter. Hundreds of nearby villages use the well water for daily life. Even during a drought, the well water never dries up. And the water has been clear and sweet ever since the ancient times.
Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourism Area

Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourism AreaNearby City

4.5/532 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourist Area has a large volume of ancient dwellings, with intact structures, meticulous planning, and an excellent natural environment, as well as rich folk culture and many cultural relics. The ancient residential buildings of the Dalu Village Folk Customs Tourist Area were built in the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty. They are comprised of nine ancient houses and buildings, including the Qi Er Building, Sanda Hall, Shuangqing Hall, Dongyuan Villa and the Laoshi Shrine Pot. This site serves as a testament to the brilliance of the past and has high value for the research of humanity and the appreciation of our history.
Boundary Monument No.5 in the Great Qing Dynasty

Boundary Monument No.5 in the Great Qing DynastyNearby City

4.2/585 Reviews
Historical Site
Located below Beilun River Bridge beside Dongxing Port, Boundary Monument No.5 in the Great Qing Dynasty has a long history. It was once a boundary monument on the border of China and Vietnam but following the establishment of Boundary Monument No.1369, it was relegated to a symbol of history. Many tourists come here to take photos with the monument. Moreover, Beilun River Bridge, Ho Chi Minh Pavilion and a Vietnamese-style street also deserve a visit.
Hometown of Yang Guifei

Hometown of Yang GuifeiNearby City

3.6/524 Reviews
Historical Site
The Hometown of Yang Guifei is located in Yangwai Village, Rong County, Guangxi and hidden deep in hills. A river winds south from Wandu Field and arrives at Shili Embankment and then flows into Xiujiang River. Patches of paddy fields are distributed along the river and the village is hidden in Litchi Forest and Shatian Pomelo Forest. There are also clusters of mottled bamboos and erythrophloeum ferdii, a tree species under national protection. There is also a site of Yang Guifei Temple and Guifei Well in the village. A site of Yang Guifei's Dressing Table sits in the east of the County. is part of Group Limited, one of the world's leading providers of travel services.
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