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Ya'an Museum

Ya'an Museum

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Closed on Mon;Open on Tue-Sun,9:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"The best city museum in Sichuan is here. Ya'an, a small city known for the earthquake, is known as the birthplace of the pandas, and then learned that "San Ya", to understand the missing of the female bridesmaids to make up the sky, the world is generally. The lack of sorghum may be the unknown brought by this omission. As a city with national air quality NO.1, her greening, forest cover, negative oxygen content is unquestionable, "Tianfu lung" is really well-known; As the capital of Xikang and the throat of western Sichuan, she was also of great military significance. Such a fertile soil, since ancient treasures, Zhong Ling Ling Xiuxiu, but not how outstanding people, except the little hero Laining, it seems that there are not many heroes. Today, Ya'an, in the booming development of the show of vitality, in the new and old alternation in the search for the future, as a Ya'an indigenous, Mengshan disciple, to study in the Ya'an Museum is an unshirkable responsibility. 1. Location: On the banks of the Qingyi River, where the former Ya'an Tea Factory was located, a small park is now formed around the museum. 2. Opening hours: 9-5, Monday off. 3. Look at points: (1) the entrance square, two stone tigers guard the gate, the modelling is simple like old courtiers, the most ancient ruins of the Ya'an Dynasty are Han, whether Han stone brick or Han puppet, or Han stone beasts tomb of Han, Han is the deep seal of Yazhou, and these two imitation of the Han tomb beasts, to add a Han puppet, The charm is more sufficient; the square is the town hall treasure "dragon and phoenix ring" of the magnified bronze statue, dragon mouth, endless, like benzene ring, meaning infinite, phoenix bird stand on the body, the overall shape beautiful, is exactly the Chinese national Tianyuan place beauty sense. The museum plaque is written by famous calligrapher Su Shiqi, and the use of the plaque also reflects the strong Chinese flavor of Ya'an. (2) The exhibition hall is not big, and two floors are divided into five exhibition halls: Hanjia charm, Binjiang Tuotu, Han Fengliubei, Ya Fengliuyun, Biancha Tibetan horse. Han Jia Shenyun is Han stone exhibition, Binjiang Tuotu is the pre-Qin exhibition, Han Fengliu is Han culture exhibition, Ya Fengliuyun is Tang Song and later exhibition, side tea horse is tea horse ancient road exhibition, from this view, the two exhibition halls are related to Han, again highlight Yaan thick and heavy long Han culture. The drawback is that as a city museum, there is no explanation of the whole topography and development of Ya'an, including the origin of Ya'an name, which may be found in the Ya'an Ecological Museum. (3) The collection is unique. I thought Yabo as a remote area of the ground-level, only some common exhibits, after the view is really open-eye: Han Dynasty, placed in the transparent glass, gold-stained wood carved into, Yaan is the largest country's largest gold-stained wood production, the value of the world famous; Han Baiyu Shake the Money Tree Zaozi, Yaanbao prosperous production of Han Baiyu, Han Tomb Shake the Money Tree most see and southwest, this Shake the Money Tree has gone, but the seat of the dragon, the West Wangmu still quietly waiting for the arrival of the eternal life; Ming and Qing Dynasty Yazhou Fuyin, well preserved, Manchu language visible; The stone shrine of the Han Dynasty, engraved with the "first kiss of the world", this "kiss" is a male and female "secret play", was moved to Ya'an into the entrance of the city to enlarge into a sculpture; the stone beast of the tomb of the Han Dynasty, unearthed at the site of the earthquake in Lushan Jiangcheng (word limit, travel record see)"