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Hailing Island is located in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, where the beaches are beautiful and the coastline is long. Almost all the beaches here do not need to buy tickets, and many beaches are surrounded by real estate developers into the community and become private beaches in the community.
When you come here in the summer, you can not only play in the sea, but also eat cheap and fresh seafood.
From Kaiping to Yangjiang, about 150 kilometers drive, came to Hailing Island. The price of the sea view room in the off-season is always a joy, and the sea view room of about 100 is facing the sea. Of course, the peak season is not the price.
Hailing Island is a good place for a holiday. It is so lazy to sleep naturally, greet the cool sea breeze, step on the soft beach, follow the beat of the sea, and step on the spray...
Slope is located on the edge of Hailing Island in Yangjiang. It is a lively small fishing village. There are not only a lot of Cantonese specialties, but also a seafood market. There are many kinds of seafood in the market, and the price is not expensive.
After the road to the end, it is the market in Zhapo Town. How can you not come to some seafood in this coastal town? If you are afraid of being shackled, it is better to come here and buy some delicious food. Cook a seafood dinner.
The seafood market has a wide variety of foods, fresh and affordable, especially in the stalls at the door. Most of them are freshly salvaged. They are not necessarily big but fresh and cheap.
Posted: 28 Dec 2018
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Hailing Island
The hottest red spot in Guangdong - hit the highest infinity pool in the country. The photo taken on the top is super high, and the Skyline Pool is located on the 30th floor of the main building of the hotel, 100 meters high. Because he is very close to the beach, plus his absolute height, the landscape here is completely different. The sea seen here is almost vertical, and the sea, the sky and the pool are mixed together, and the photos are super beautiful! Swimming here is not just the enjoyment of the body, under the hundred meters is the vast sea, 180 degrees invincible seascape, overlooking the bar, white beaches, rolling waves, beautiful views, Bringing not only the enjoyment of the body, but also the psychological shock... As the most popular place in Hailing Island, the tourists who come to take pictures and record videos every day, want to shoot For a good photo, you can find inspiration from the following suggestions: 1, you can pick a long shirt on the beach chair, you can use the swimsuit to shoot at the pool, that is, fashion, and can play sunscreen The role. 2, if you think your little thighs are slightly thicker, you can tie the shirt to your waist and cover the fat of your legs. 3, the chain hanging on the body, adding some decorations is very sexy and full of temptation, but also reveals a luxurious atmosphere. 4, if your swimsuit is bright, you can choose a white crocheted shirt to show the beautiful swimsuit. Of course, if you want to be more mysterious and charming, you can use the uniform black from the inside out.
Yangjiang Country Garden Phoenix Hotel is located on the beautiful Yanshan Lake
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