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Jinwanqu LibraryNearby City

Jinwanqu Library

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"Jinwan New Area is getting better and better. I look forward to this library from the beginning of the plan. Although it is far from the city, I can't stop driving a few dozen kilometers from the city to read books. Golden Bay Area Library: It is called the most beautiful library in Zhuhai, and is the largest library in Zhuhai at present. The three-story building exceeds 28000 square meters, and it is also named as the first-class library in Guangdong province. From the shape of the design attracted by its pure white building not only high in color, but also with the next archives shape echo each other, full of technology. The design of the museum is even more amazing, the top floor of the glass, so that the museum can absorb good light; Each floor of the escalator is geometrical, has a Japanese style of simplicity, completely breaks the old library stereotype. The first floor is the exhibition hall and the small report hall and the multi-functional activity hall. The atrium is currently on display for art works, but the multi-functional activity room will have different activities on each weekend: such as the sharing of Zhuhai college entrance examination champion, the making of aeromodel, etc. The second floor is the reading space and audio-visual space, most of the books are on this floor, and there is a special Himalayan headphone forest inside, you can sit quietly listening to the book by login, there is also a whole row of desktop computers inside, you can use the computer to check if you log in to the ID number Data learning work. The third floor has a special aviation theme reading area, can also sit on the long stairs to read, and in each half floor is a quiet self-study space, even each position is equipped with a separate socket, easy to use the computer and mobile phone charge. The library is almost entirely intelligent, and the ability to borrow, return, find books, consult, etc. are all done by electronic self-help; of course, there is no need to worry that if you don't understand the operation, there are desk staff on each floor to serve you. There are only about 700,000 books in the collection, and a large part of the shelves on the third floor are empty, and the future will fill them up. Tip: The museum is made by mobile phone reservation system, specifically by registering the ID number in the public number of "Zhuhai Jinwan Library", two hours a day, morning 09:00-13:00 and afternoon 13:00-16:45; free wifi is available in the museum, free drinking water is provided, but food is prohibited, and smoking is prohibited; The 24-hour self-service library is available in the library, providing service to readers without restriction of time. Location: East Jinhe Avenue, Jinwan District, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. Traffic: It is recommended to drive there, the ground floor is free parking; The bus has basically changed from the city to the bus station, and the bus station at the door is the "civilian center south" station. Open time: closed on Monday; other time 09:00-17:00 (last entry time 16:45); public holidays are notified separately."