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Things To Do in Yangzhou

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    Si Wang PavilionYangzhou,China

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    Zhunti TempleYangzhou,China

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    Yangzhou Craft & Art MuseumYangzhou,China

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    Donghu Wetland ParkYangzhou,China

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    Yangzi ParkYangzhou,China

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    Yangzhou Cuiyuan Road Christian ChurchYangzhou,China

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    About Yangzhou

    Yangzhou has always been a gathering place of culture and a scenic, flourishing city with many famous historical sites, ruins, and elegant gardens. The scenery of Shouxi Lake is beautiful, and here you can come to experience what was put down in the famous poem: "traveling down to Yangzhou in a misty and florid March." You can also take a boat cruise to get a sense of the free and unfettered mood which the Qianlong Emperor of the Qing Dynasty must have had when he visited the lake. Yangzhou also has places like the Gucha Daming Temple with its long and storied history. It has the He Garden with its reputation as the “City Mountain Forest,” and the year-round rock garden known as Geyuan Garden, as well as the remains of the residences of the emperors Sui Yang Di, Kangxi, and Qianlong, and countless beautiful natural landscapes.

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