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Northern Avenue Pedestrian Street

Northern Avenue Pedestrian Street

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Cherry Zhu
"Armenia must visit shopping malls, Yerevan city new play! Renaissance travel in the three Caucasus countries, Armenia seems less famous than Georgia, it is so unfamiliar, but many travelers miss it to this day. At the top of the Alara Mountains where Noah's Ark docked, the capital Yerevan is also known as the City of Pink, a romantic and resolute symphony. About the environment: strolling in the city center, the building style of the whole square is very last century Soviet style, brick red facade with European Roman columns, Chinese and Western combination of the charm, there is a minimalist white aesthetic. When the sun goes out, the square will also light up the music fountain, young people to play the waves, grandparents hand-to-hand walk, romantic index full score. About experience: I am very impressed, is the city everywhere in the pool of springs, humanized. No matter the roadside or street corner, the square center or the street, can drink the pure ice water at any time, even need not carry a cup, can be cured here in the hot summer. On custom: local people greet quite characteristic, they are used to shake hands when left face to left face, at the same time the mouth to make mua kiss; but also can learn some native dialect, can intangible close the distance between the two sides, also can add a lot of pleasant experience. Tip: There are also many European-style hotels and upscale hotels around the Plaza de la Republique. If you don't know where to stay, consider finding a place nearby. If you want to register for a local group tour, you can ask the chartered car driver early, and you can book a tour to various places, which is a travel hub. About the route: the area around the Plaza is also central Armenia: both the grand Chancellery and the Vernisage weekend flea market are within 20 minutes' walk. Of course, if you are a literary lover, you can also go to the National Museum, National Gallery, Literature and Art Museum to walk around, experience the pure Caucasus style."