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Yilan County is located in the northeastern part of Taiwan. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the sea. It has both dense forests and long coastlines. Under the northeast monsoon, Yilan is full of rain and moisture, so it is called "bamboo wind blue rain". Mountain forests, swamps, and river ponds are all over the place. Mountain birds and waterfowls fly together, making it a new paradise for wild birds. Taiping Mountain, Cuifeng Lake, Qilan and Mingchi Scenic Areas are all representative landscapes of Yilan.
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Things To Do in Yilan

Yilan Jimmy Park
204 Reviews
美玉无暇6At 8 a.m., Taitung takes the Puyoumai Ziqiang express train to Yilan, which may be the reason for Monday? Or the starting station? The station is very few people, the car is less, we are taking the car Taidong departure, plus I and quiet only three people [Fangfang] sit the Puyu code self-strengthening, the model is the 21st super-flip accident, from Japan, the car facilities are similar to high-speed rail, this car is the highlight: Turn tilt driving does not slow down. About because 21 accident, today we are not fast, fast to Yilan, and temporarily stopped a few times, because after the accident, the eastern main line two lines stop, 22 morning open single line driving, perhaps let the car. Arrived at Yilan about half an hour late. The original plan was to stop at Yilan for about five hours, several meters of park to take pictures, Yilan Literature Museum sits a seat to install a, Yilan Art Museum take a look. People are not as good as the day, Yilan Literature Museum, art museum public rest closed, through a large photography exhibition is also closed public rest, alas, this luck, international practice is not said only museum closed on Monday? How literature and art museum closed public rest? I was ignorant, ashamed, homework did not do well. A few punches in the Jimi Park, proof I've been here.
Jiaoxi Hot Spring
129 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
何禾Yilan is a place with beautiful mountains and clear waters, rich in rice. This is the home of hot springs. Driving from Taipei through the 13-kilometer snow-capped mountain tunnel, you can see large green rice fields in Yilan. Many people from Taipei often visit this hot spring. Jiaoxi in Yilan is a well-known hot spring scenic spot in Taiwan. The city is small, but there are many hot spring bathhouses on the street. Taiwanese call hot springs "soaking". We came to the hot springs at the Evergreen Phoenix Hotel in Jiaoxi. It is warm, elegant and very private. A single room for 1-2 people, from the restroom to the bath, you have everything you need, and you can have a good night's sleep after the bath, or you can lie in bed and watch TV, which is really good for relaxing and relieving fatigue. Good medicine. Different from the sulfur hot springs in Yangming Mountain, Jiaoxi Hot Springs are sodium bicarbonate springs. The spring color is clear and tasteless, and the water temperature is around 60 degrees. After soaking in the hot springs, I only feel energetic and my skin is smooth and smooth.
Guishan Island
109 Reviews
vivienvivienGuishan Island, also known as Guishan Island, is the largest island among the islands in Yilan County, and it is also the surviving active volcano in Taiwan. It looks like a sea turtle and is named after it. Due to its prominent topography, Guishan Island was once listed as a military powerhouse and became a control area for the national army. On August 1, 2000, Guishan Island was officially opened for sightseeing. The special geology has formed many spectacular scenery such as Guishan Asahi, Guidao Huangyan, Spectacle Cave Stalactites, Turtle Eggs, Turtle Rock Walls, Divine Turtles Wearing Hats, Ling Turtles Wobble Tails, etc.
Su'ao Cold Spring
121 Reviews
Hot Springs Resort
米糕不是糕Depart from Taipei, take transportation to Taipei Main Station and go to the fourth floor of Gemar Bus Terminal to buy tickets: buy a ticket at Luodong Station, the amount is 135 Taiwan dollars, and the duration of no traffic jam is one hour, if you are unlucky, it will take 2.5 hours _You can also choose to take the high-speed rail, which lasts about 2 and a half hours. After getting off the bus, you have to take the shuttle bus (on the right hand side after getting off the bus). It is from Gema's house. Keep the ticket stub so that you can ride for free. The time is 20 minutes. The return is also free, so the ticket stub is required Keep it well and remember to ask for a timetable when you arrive at the shuttle station, so that you can have fun without delaying your return journey. Transportation method 2: You can also choose Autobike when you arrive at the shuttle bus. It costs NT$300 for 24 hours, which is equivalent to RMB 60, which is very cheap. If you still choose to come back by car, remember to say hello to the return time. 3 minutes from Suao Bus Terminal to Suao Cold Spring. Suao Cold Spring is divided into soup house and public pool. It is recommended to choose a soup house, because the soup house has hot springs, the time is 40 minutes, the price is 450 Taiwan dollars / 2 people (RMB 90), and the public pool 140 Taiwan dollars / 2 people. There is no time limit.
Center for Traditional Arts
74 Reviews
vivienvivienThe Traditional Art Center is a theme park that introduces Taiwan’s traditional culture. The content is quite rich. It not only makes the people of Yilan proud, but also allows the people of Taiwan to learn about Taiwan’s historical development and related documents, and experience the ancient people’s development of Taiwan. , In the relaxing moment of traveling, you can also learn a lot of knowledge.
Lanyang Museum
64 Reviews
13BB13Yilan County is located in the northeastern part of Taiwan, surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the other. Traveling to Yilan County, I feel that the scenery here is quite beautiful, with few people and fresh air. There is a strangely shaped museum by the sea called Lanyang Museum. The shape of the museum is in harmony with the local topography, resembling a "single-sided mountain". The museum mainly introduces the development of local history and culture to tourists in the form of words, pictures, and objects.

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National Center for Traditional Arts (NCFTA) Ticket
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Wufengqi Waterfall
Wufengqi WaterfallYilan,China

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Beiguan Tidal Park
Beiguan Tidal ParkYilan,China

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CCCB Coral Museum
CCCB Coral MuseumYilan,China

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Wu Sha Residence
Wu Sha ResidenceYilan,China

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Paoma Historical Trail
Paoma Historical TrailYilan,China

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Yuanshan Park
Yuanshan ParkYilan,China

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Yilan Weather

Mar 2, 2021
15 ~ 17
Mar 3, 2021
16 / 19
Mar 4, 2021
17 / 25
Mar 5, 2021
19 / 26
Mar 6, 2021
19 / 28
Mar 7, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Yilan
Mar 2, 2021 Yilan Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:17-25 kph, Humidity:86%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:15/17:55
Yilan Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Advised, UV Strength:Very Low

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