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Things To Do in Yiwu

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Film Studio
HFThe studio is scattered apart from each other. You can choose to buy tickets for all the sites or just one site. As I did not have much time, I decided to visit The Palace of Emperor Qin. Many Chinese movies and dramas were shot here and reminded me of a few Chinese series that I had watched previously. Depending on your interest, you probably only need to spend an hour at the site unless you are like me who are really intrigued with the Chinese dynasty, the culture and traditions. It was a hot sunny day, not a smart idea to stand under the sun to watch the performance on the 99 steps. one can also dressed up as their favourite characters such as Miyue for photo taking. It’s best to hire a tour guide at the entrance to understand the Chinese history.
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M53***59The ocean world is still very suitable for children to play, although it is not very big, but enough to play with children, there are a lot of varieties inside, there are several performances, the children have fun
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Ancient Settlement
roiberadorFo Tang Ancient Town is just another old town with lots of shops... still a nice place to go and take pictures...
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Featured Neighbourhood
JCNvery crowded on weekends. better to go on a week night however it is still busy. lots of stalls to shop at for clothing, accessories, decor etc etc. many official shops and restaurants/ bars are surrounding it as well.
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City Park
_We***19it’s beautiful place if you want to go and enjoy, 2 yuan per entrance
119 Reviews
_We***19it’s a very good place if you want to learn something about the culture, i enjoyed my visit

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Exotic StreetJinhua,China

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Desheng RockJinhua,China

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Luo Binwang ParkJinhua,China

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Yiwu Shuanglin TempleJinhua,China

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Futian Wetland ParkJinhua,China

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About Yiwu

Yiwu is a city built around a market and is famous for its merchandise. It is aptly described as “an ocean of small merchandise, a paradise for shopping trips.” If you come to Yiwu, you must go see the Yiwu International Merchandise City. There are more than 400,000 kinds of little commodities gathered here, famous all over the world. It is mainly composed of three major wholesale markets: the International Trade City, Huanguan Market, and Binwang Market. At the same time, many very talented people come from Yiwu giving it its moniker as the “nation of culture.” There are many famous historical sites and ruins such as the Iron Tower of Shuanglin, Guyue Bridge, and Huangshan Eight Halls Mansion, the crab pincer-shaped Qiaoting burial complex from the Ming-Qing era, and other sites are all very worthy of a visit.

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