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About Yixing

Yixing (宜兴), located in southern Jiangsu on the western shore of Lake Tai (太), is a well-known Chinese center for ceramics in the Wuyue cultural tradition. Yixing ceramics have a long history. Yixing's boccaro in particular, with its use of a unique clay, characteristic design, and simple natural beauty, has gained fame throughout China and the world. Tourist sights in Yixing include Shanjuan (善卷) Cave, Zhanggong (张公) Cave, Yixing (宜兴) Bamboo Forest, Longbeishan (龙背山) Forest Park, Yiyuan (宜园) Garden, and the Taozu (陶祖) Sacred Site.

Popular Attractions in Yixing

Yixing Zhuhai
4,904 Reviews
The southern part of Yixing is rich in bamboos, and there are more than 200,000 mu of bamboo forest, also known as "bamboo sea". The famous Shengzhuang is surrounded by bamboo forests, with an area of ​​about 20,000 mu. The stream in the mountains rises to a high elevation, the green waves rise and fall, and life is full of vitality. It is a natural oxygen bar and a great place for film and television shooting. In particular, the tender bamboo shoots in the mountains are harvested in the spring. Pulling them out of the earth allows people to fully experience the joy of returning to nature.
Shanjuan Cave
3,741 Reviews
Geological Sites
Shanjuan Cave is located in southwestern Yixing City. This is a famous limestone cave. Entering the cave opens up to an enormous underground wonder, holding exquisite stalactites as well as magnificent natural boulders. There is also a dark underground river that flows through the cave. The scenic area also features several attractions related to Liangzhu culture with an abundance of interesting content. Fierce Tiger Hall in the movie "The Taking of Tiger Mountain by Strategy" and Yellow Wind Cave from the 8th Season of "Journey to the West" were filmed here.
Zhang Gong Cave
1,209 Reviews
Zhang Gong Cave lies on Yufeng Mountain, about 18 kilometers southwest of Yixing. The stalactites, stone curtains, and stone flowers are a feast for the eyes when lit up with multicolored lights. Duke Zhang's Cavern is also a famous location for film and television shoots. Scenes from productions such as Laughing in the Wind, Raccoon for a Prince, Mischievous Princess, The Story of Washing the Sword, and Tracks in the Snowy Forest have all been filmed here.
Taozu Sacred Site
718 Reviews
Geological Sites
Taozu Sacred Site is a famous tourist attraction in China. The Taozu Holy Land was expanded from the original Muyu Cave. The stalactites in Muyu Cave, the bamboo forest in Manshan, and the pottery made by Fan Yi Taofang are the three highlights of the scenic spot. The cultural attractions built according to the love legends of Fan Li and Xi Shi are everywhere. visible. Muyu Cave is the essence of the scenic spot. There are various forms of stalactites in the cave, some like welcoming pines, some like peacocks, and Guanmeiqiao and Xi Shijing are named after Fan Xi and Xi Shi legend.

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Trip Moments

The lake's father has many holes, and the karst terrain makes it a "rich" cave. For those who come here, "hiding into the 'hole' into a unified system, managing his spring and summer and autumn and winter" is the best choice to avoid the summer heat - although the temperature in the hole does not let you break into the ice The feeling of the cave, but once you get to the hole, look at the cold white mist that rushes out and let you enter the cool world. Zhanggongdong can be said to be one of the most famous caves of the lake. Like almost all tourist attractions in China, it also has an "old legend" - it is said that Zhang Daoling of the Han Dynasty and Zhang Guo of the Tang Dynasty They have all cultivated here. But I am interested in the development history of Zhanggongdong. The development of Zhanggongdong can be traced back to a village called Yixing Township in the south of Yixing Township. It started construction in 1919, and it has been developing intermittently for more than 10 years. Finally, in 1934. Opened at the end of the year. In other words, during the Republic of China, there were many ethnic entrepreneurs, mostly machinery and textiles, and tourist developers were quite rare. From this, I can see that although I did not know why Shuxiang had done this tourism development in the past, it was indeed in the forefront of the times. From the largest Haiwang Hall in the cave, the temperature rises steadily, and the hole is drilled. It is already the peak of Mengfeng. Looking back, it is like stepping out from a huge eggshell. The wonder of Zhang Gongdong is really "Go to heaven."
Posted: 18 Dec 2018
Yixing Yunhai is famous for its hot springs, and the restaurant's special local dishes are also quite good. When I took a hot spring, I went to dinner time. When I had a few big dishes, I had a long-lost intimacy. Because it is close to my hometown, Yixing's diet is very similar to my hometown. The dishes are similar and delicious. This fish head soup is the signature dish of the restaurant. We also have fish head soup in our hometown. After a few years of long-term stay, I rarely go home. I haven't eaten such an authentic fish soup for a long time. The soup is delicious and the aftertaste is endless. With the development of the times, people are paying more and more attention to the dishes, and more and more attention to health, in the scientific mix of the chefs, carefully prepared, the dishes are colorful, showing unlimited possibilities. turtle, wild bamboo chicken, this dinner is not only high in value, but also rich in nutritional value. It pays attention to diet and health, and pays attention to the relationship between man and nature. It is an atmosphere of life and a kind of poetry. Umi rice is a feature of Jiangsu and Anhui provinces. It is a custom to cook black rice with black rice leaves. The eighth day of the lunar calendar, the eighth day of the lunar calendar, is the traditional Chinese food festival. The folklore is because the disciples of Sakyamuni are connected, for the mother to eat rice, to find a way to dye rice with the South candle leaves, boiled into a black rice, and the hungry ghosts dare not eat the black rice, the mother can Full of stomach. Later, the common people ate the Wujiu every year to commemorate the filial son. Yixing has many bamboos and many natural bamboo shoots, so bamboo shoots are also a home-cooked dish on the table.
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