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Wenlingshi Wugenzhen Cishan LibraryNearby City

Wenlingshi Wugenzhen Cishan Library

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"Wenling has a place where cultural creativity is so full of ideas that few people know. Today's young people have ideas and ideas, but there is no place to develop, so this is the town of Wugen in Wenling, gave them a place to incubate, to make dreams become no longer dreams. This creative park is very elegant in the Wugen, where you can see the ancient roots, that is the origin of the Wugen name, in addition to the beautiful nature here, but also specially suitable for photography. In the garden, planted with the most popular net red daisy, thick daisy in the grass blurred but revealed the beautiful, with the distant Paris tower, as if in "Paris" like "pretend to be in Paris" is the sense of vision. In the wood root, a hundred-year-old tree, which has been around for more than 800 years, and along with the wood root, it grew more and more. In the autumn, the golden oranges were ripe, and in the clear sky, it looked like it was beating. As far as Wugen Huaxi is concerned, it is well known that 13 cultural and creative enterprises have been established here, such as Time Post Office, Love Bank, Yunxiangge, B&B, Cafe Bookstore, Creative Restaurant, etc., will be opened in the next few years. Now there are some facilities, can see many retro elements here reappear, grandma's era of blue floral cloth and blue porcelain looks very matched, all said fashion is a circle, turn a circle back to the origin, this is not wrong. A group of art lovers who love tea culture live here. The wall of tea sets makes people feel yearning. It is a special treat to make a pot of black tea and sit in the autumn afternoon and taste it. The Wugen is very much a fan of pure handmade, even food. After the shop, the boss and we said that all the snacks here are made by myself, I saw sesame sugar, when I was a child eat Wangzai small hoe, small cookies, etc., did not think that the handy boss mastered the skills, let these products reappear, childhood seems to be back on the tongue. My favorite design is still these handmade jewelry, and when you look at it, you'll find that they're made from food. For example, like lemon slices, lotus slices, rose cherry, red beans, black rice, and so on, even with the use of the Hami melon skin made necklace, especially novelty. The younger sister of the same group has been unable to resist wrench, facing the full range of goods, really want All in all to buy! There is also a shop in Wugen specializing in "amber", also very worth a visit, the boss said they do not produce amber, but amber processing master. Sounds familiar with this sentence hahaha! Amber processing into jewelry, hanging on the bag, very expensive and ground gas. The owner is an art literate person, I see the props in the hall at first glance, the lotus and the Western angel sculptures are placed together without a little dissonance, in the park full of open and vigorous stew, every passing person will listen to the footsteps praise, What a beautiful multi-meat ~ There are also some shops that take the ancient fabric embroidery and the present clothes, but the seams together seem to be a brand new clothes, fashion increasingly looks like retro close. I also heard that Wenling's first big film, The Lost Handle, was about to be turned on and filmed, and a press conference was held. The movie will be set in the dock root, around a mysterious "skill bracelet" and then with the relationship between the hero and the heroine, to tell people that there is no shortcut, so let's see together!"