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XianpudongNearby City


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Open from 8:30am-4:30pm (Local time)
"The entrance of Xianpu Cave is 705 meters above sea level, which is the highest underground river karst cave among the karst caves in the North Mountain of Jinhua. There is a cave in the cave, there is a spring in the cave, there is a waterfall in the cave, and there is a pool under the waterfall. It is superbly crafted and extremely dangerous. It is a rare scenic spot and natural classroom for adventure tourism and geological science education. Xianpu Cave is a large underground cavern of collapse and erosion type. Its limestone is distributed at an altitude of 520-750 meters. Under the action of water erosion and dissolution of the underground river, it forms three chambers, five halls and one pool, with a total area of more than 2,800 square meters. Modern carbonate deposits such as stone flowers and stony corals deposited by condensed water in its multi-layer underground river system, deep erosion corridors of underground rivers, 73-meter-high waterfalls and deep pools with an area of 600 square meters injected into the country, are widely used throughout the country. The open large and medium-sized caves have unique charm. Among them are two stalactites that look like a dragon and a tiger, so folks call the cave the Dragon Tiger Cave, and there are two Optimus pillars, which are spectacular. At the top of the last staircase, there is another small platform, from which one can see the bottom of the fairy waterfall cave, but due to the cover of fog, it gives the illusion of a bottomless cave, as if being in a fairyland."