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Changsha Ecological ZooNearby City

Changsha Ecological Zoo

4.3/53276 Reviews
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Ranked #4 in Changsha Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 9:00am-5:00pm;Open from 9:00am-5:30pm during Chinese public holidays (Local time)
"I bought tickets on, relatively cheap 🙊. But there was a little episode 🙈 in the middle, because when I bought the ticket, it was said that the ticket was free for under 14 years old, but later I learned that the driving area was not free 🐷. *Here's a little summary of the fee rates for Changsha Ecological Zoo 💰: * divide into 🚸 pedestrian area and 🚷 driving area. [Car Park] 💡 Watching animals by car, relatively comfortable. Basically, they are large animals, such as tigers, wolves, cows, sheep, etc. After about half an hour, get off the bus and play on their own. 💸 Fee: Free tickets for the driving area of less than one meter or two, tickets for more than one meter or two (40 yuan), regardless of age or age. Of course, if you buy a full ticket, you can pass directly. [Pedestrian area] 💡 Walking tour, relatively cheap. 💸 Fee: It is recommended to buy tickets on online, a little cheaper. When I bought it, it was 145 adult tickets (the price will change with this time), and both under 14 and over 60 years old are free tickets, but you need to show your ID card (the child has no ID card to have a household registration book). It is recommended to take a map when entering the door, because it is a bit around, after playing, if you want to eat, there are snacks such as jelly powder, cold noodles in the garden. After going out, there are also small restaurants opposite the bridge."