Yu County
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Things To Do in Yu County

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emi***82Overall super awesome, the scenery is good, the price is high, fun and fun, admire the master who hit the tree flowers, it is worth seeing, the performers are also very dedicated, praise them, the May Day is full, it is estimated that there should be not so many people on the wrong peak trip!
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Ancient Settlement
M48***33The West Castle of the Nuanquan Ancient Town is the most historical and vicissitudes of the ancient villages I have been to, it is definitely worth a visit, the integrity of the castle is very good, the building is compact, the pattern of the streets is complete, the later artificial repair can also pay attention to the continuity of history. "The concern is that if the buildings are not properly maintained and underfunded, they will die out, and on the way to the old town, a group of such compounds will be in peril, and it will be very anxious, because today we need to protect them so much that we can prove and continue our history." May ancient buildings like the West Castle live long and vigorously on the land of our motherland!
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_We***56that place is magical, i fall in love with night beauty , they are making me write that all i am doing it for prize ♥️
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Ancient Settlement
M48***33The ancient city of Xiangfen is a surprise to me. I have been to the ancient city village in Shanxi, but I think the ancient city of Xiangfen is still very good. In addition to the ancient buildings that have been preserved and the restored building yards, it may be an economic reason. The pattern of the ancient city and the building built after the founding of the country also survived, less by the current construction of the infection, which is also very rare. In addition to the historical vicissitudes of the ancient buildings, and also the architectural time before the reform and opening up, I think it is difficult to see the history of the country, it is worth protecting. Especially amazing is to see the ancient tower of Liao Dynasty in the ancient city so well preserved, really thank the local cultural relics protectors, thank you!
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Nature Reserve
M28***08Recently, many friends asked me whether Xiaowutai Mountain in Yuxian County is worth a visit. I’ll chat with you today~ It takes less than two hours to drive from Xuanhua to Xiaowutai Mountain in Yu County. The toll fee is 98 yuan and the parking fee in the scenic spot is 15 yuan! Bring the nurse card to play for free, and the veteran card is half price! 1. Xiaowutai Mountain is divided into four seasons, and the sky is not heavy for ten miles. It used to be a military reserve. It not only has rich vegetation, primitive mountains, and abundant mountains and streams, it is clear and refreshing. Xiaowutai Mountain was called "Snow Mountain" in the past. I went there during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Although the temperature was as high as 30 degrees that day, the valley was still very cool! Xiaowutai Mountain is a good place to escape the summer heat! 2. There are a lot of butterflies in the canyon. The butterflies of various colors are frolicking by the spring water. Wearing a floral skirt and recruiting butterflies, it is really delightful! 3. Going to Xiaowutai Mountain is a "Lung Washing Journey" and "Faith Journey". The air in Xiaowutai Mountain is fresh and clean. My big rhinitis is here, and my nose ventilates instantly. When I walk to the middle of Xiaowutai Mountain, there will be a temple. Many people come here specifically to ask for incense to pay back! Insufficient scenic spots: 1. Many aisles in the scenic area are too narrow. It is not recommended to go when there are a lot of people. Some are not easy to go. Some sections of the scenic area are not easy to walk. The elderly or children who are too old are not recommended to go! 2. The spring water is particularly cold (Jiaba) [呲牙] Even at noon, it is not recommended to enter the water for a long time. Those with children can prepare water guns in advance for children to play! 3. There is no cable car in the scenic area, no amusement facilities for children to play, mainly with natural wind! 4. As soon as you enter the scenic area, there is no signal at all from the mobile phone, there are no places to eat and drink in the entire scenic area, and there are not many toilets. It is recommended to prepare food and water in advance to bring into the scenic area! 5. Nowadays, you must wear masks when entering scenic spots. Because of the impact of the epidemic, there are not many people even on holidays! The entire tour time in the scenic area is about four hours. As far as the travel friends said to go camping on the grassland in the air from Wutai Mountain for more than 100 miles, I dare not try [呲牙]
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大杜杜The fire illuminates the world, red stars chaotic purple smoke. Zanglang Mingyue night, the song moves Hanchuan. -"Seventeen Songs of Qiupu" by Tang Li Bai The custom of "playing trees and flowers" during the Lantern Festival in Nuanquan Town has continued to this day. As an ancient technique, tree-flowering has become a "provincial intangible cultural heritage" in Hebei. "Dashuhua" is a local traditional folk cultural activity in Nuanquan Town, Yu County, Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. This time I came to Yu County on New Year's Day because of the trees and flowers in Nuanquan, but because of the sudden change in the weather, it is really unforgettable in my life. Light rain turned into light snow, light snow turned into heavy snow in the sky, and the temperature suddenly dropped from 15°C to -15°C.... In the middle of the heavy snow, you can see the trees and flowers in the ancient city. It is said that there were many blacksmith workshops in Nuanquan town. Every New Year’s Day, the wealthy people set off fireworks to celebrate, and the blacksmiths also yearned for lively and festive celebrations, but the blacksmiths couldn’t afford fireworks. They got inspiration from the sparks that splattered when ironing. The molten iron splashed on the brick wall above the castle gate, like a blossoming firework. This kind of special "fireworks" attracts more and more ordinary people, and its lively and festive atmosphere will never lose to the rich who own fireworks. Therefore, every Chinese New Year "the rich set off fireworks and the poor play trees and flowers" Folklore. , The "Dashuhua" artist wears a heavy sheepskin jacket, and uses freshly baked hot metal of more than 1,600 degrees Celsius to make thousands of gold "Dashuhua" art. There are two oddities in the art of "Dashuhua": one is the unique effect of "Dashuhua"; the other is, The willow spoon used is strange: Use the willow spoon to scoop the molten iron, but it is safe and sound. It is said that the willow spoon is soaked in water for three to five days after it has been shaped, and then dried over fire. No matter how it is processed, willow is wood after all, and it takes more than 1,300 degrees to reach the state of molten iron. In this case, the willow spoon is not broken, which is really strange. Science is not easy to explain. This Lantern Festival night, the heavy snow is set against the golden sparks, the excitement and fun are beyond words and really unforgettable, here is worth recommending.

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About Yu County

Yu County is situated in northwestern Hebei province close to the city of Zhangjiakou, west of Beijing. The region's history dates back over 1000 years. Visitors can take a stroll through the ancient streets of the county town and climb the town walls for a spectacular view over the old town and Xiao Wutai Mountain. In addition to the rich history, there are also a number of scenic destinations including Jinhekou Scenic Area and the Nanni River Grasslands (南泥河空中草原).

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