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Things To Do in Yuanmou

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Geological Sites
139***13Yuanmou, also known as Yuanmou, is one of the popular film and television bases, from Kunming, from the start of the three hours. Yuanmou is the Chuxiong soil forest, usually refers to the Yuanmou Maotu forest. Yunnan soil forest, widely distributed, among which the Yuanmou County of the Wumao soil forest, Bango soil forest, Langba paved soil forest for good. It is with Luliang color sand forest, Lunan Stone Forest and called "Yunnan three forests." Yuanmouwu Maotulin is located in the county of Yuanmou, 32 kilometers away from the county, is a place not to go. The development of the earliest Wumaotulin (also known as Yuanmoutulin), then opened the Longba paved soil forest, maintain the most primitive state of Bango soil forest. In addition, there are two places in the bend and small LeiZai two places relatively concentrated, but the two places are not developed, can not visit. One step into the earth forest, that a thousand shapes, as if people into another novel world. Some pillars of earth, like a cone, point straight to the blue sky; some like a majestic warrior, ready to go; some like a maid, gaze far away; some on the top of the pillars of earth, weedy, sometimes wild flowers; Some sand and stone barricades, bare body...Of course, all forms of the earth columns are mixed distribution, which makes the soil forest formed a rich and colorful, changing layers of posture, awe-inspiring. The tourist season to Yuanmou soil forest concentrates on the dry season of Yunnan most suitable, because the scenic road is mostly soil road, the rainy season will have red mud stick to the soles, very difficult to walk.
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Geological Sites
LV426Yuanmou soil forest is the earth third-degree strata weathered formation of soil forest, Yunnan Yuanmou has three soil forest, the largest of the species is lush soil forest, the stone pillars cluster, wide and strange, visitors through the paths are set off as small as an ant. Enter the gate of the scenic spot, take the battery car directly to the highest point, at this time look at the wooded forest, the panorama is like a wild forest, vibrant. Then down the steep and winding stone ladder, will zero distance contact the earth forest, near the view, they are like a group of engineering vast art group carving, and like a fine fresco, a thousand appearances, unique. The battery car staff told us that the steps have been going down to the left, don't turn right at the split port, so the scenery is the best, there are many attractions, this is it, and I feel that the physical effort is very expensive! Shilin scenic spot is very hot and sunny, sunscreen must be done, there is no place to sell water and drinks, so you must bring dry food.
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Geological Sites
祝英TBecause I have been to Zada Tulin and almost ignored this attraction, it doesn't look at the scale of the Tulin from above. It took three and a half hours to walk down to the canyon. The road to the Tulin is not very easy to walk, the road is very narrow, suitable for driving to. You can also rent a car for 360 yuan in Yuanmou, which is more than an hour's drive. There are hotels in the scenic area, and friends who take photos are best to live in the scenic area. The light is very good in the morning and evening. The shape of the soil forest is different, which makes people feel that the ghosts and axes of nature are poor. There are too many angles for photos, we have been to the scenic spot in the afternoon. It is almost 3 o'clock to walk and take pictures. I am very nervous when I come down the whole way. Next time I will definitely stay for one night.
Nearby City
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境无界It is already the first winter season, missed the time when the famous Peony and Chrysanthemums in Lion Mountain are open, the quality of the tour is not discounted, the tour is just a head, looking for a fun, right? Besides, don't go too far in the pursuit of perfection, but also leave an excuse for the next visit, right?
Nearby City
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Theme Park
Nearby City
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Ancient Settlement
清风明月照我还I drove from Anning and drove for nearly 4 hours, all the way to the mountain peaks, the scenery is good. When the car arrived in the ancient town, it started to rain heavily. Fortunately, we all took umbrellas and sat in the car for a while. The sky gradually brightened and the rain was lighter. We got off the car and walked towards the ancient town. Passing by a courtyard and avoiding the rain for a while, the clouds in the sky gradually dispersed, and the rain stopped. When I came to the streets of the ancient town, they were still in good condition. As soon as I entered the ancient alley, I first saw a house marked Dezhengfang. It was small, with one door, one window and one paved, which is typical The small shop looks like this is the house where the salt tax was collected in the past. The street is only a few hundred meters away, and it will be over after a short stroll. Due to traffic jams, the ancient town is well preserved and has a strong atmosphere of life. There is a large chastity archway at the entrance of the street, which is very eye-catching. It is built of red stone and two large stone lions next to it. It is very majestic. It is said that Cixi built it to commend more than 80 chastity women in the town. Then, we went back to a restaurant we just passed by for lunch. The salted chicken is the main specialty. The taste is not bad and the price is not high. Then, take a small carriage to the Heiniu Salt Well to watch the ancient salt well and exhibition. Finally, I came to visit the Wu Family Courtyard. This is a courtyard built in the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty. There are 99 rooms, carved beams and painted buildings, and the imperial pen plaque given by Emperor Xianfeng is hung at the door. Although the ancient town was not large, it was once a big taxpayer in Yunnan. It was recorded in the Tang Dynasty that the salt of the black well was white and delicious. It was exclusively used for the Nanshao Wangfu. In the Han Dynasty, it was excavated in large quantities and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties until the liberation. For hundreds of years, black wells have supported half of the province’s economy in Yunnan.

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