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Water Park
Qianmuhu Water Amusement ParkNearby City

Qianmuhu Water Amusement Park

2 Reviews
"Water Park"
"The scenery is beautiful, the lake is interlaced; the island is forested, the shoreline is deep. Have you come to the Nanjin ancient crossing on the lakeside of 1000 mu? "Hunan Xiangyang Dongting Lake Tourist Resort" signs in the eye, according to the direction of signs, you can see two rows of blue bikes, recently this shared bike is very popular, leisure time about three or five friends to ride around the traffic around Nanhu three times is really too comfortable. Going forward, you will find the shore of the lake, beside which there are many tropical trees and little sunny lawns. In front of you is the Qianmu Lake. The yacht is parked at the Nanjin Gudu Pier. In the fine weather, the "little fountain" on the lake opens. The lakeside scenery makes people feel like a holiday in Sanya Hainan. Walking to the Nanjin Gudu Pier is like walking into a water attic, high door-knots, very elegant, plastered wooden frame and column decoration, antique architecture, classical, cheerful, classic and not down the fashion. Through the wooden bridge built on the lake, to the luxurious cruise ship and gallery front of the waiting platform, ridges, delicate fins, painted yellow on the top, window frames carved phoenix, very rich court charm. There are also luxury cruise ships, seating comfortable, wide space, every boating lake, can enjoy the beautiful view of the South Lake. Every night, the beginning gradually gathered to walk, old and young, the night under the ancient ferry boat more vivid, the slow life of Nanhu also sail from here."