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Yunju (Cloud Home) MountainNearby City

Yunju (Cloud Home) Mountain

4.5/5229 Reviews
Ranked #14 in Jiujiang Can't Miss Attractions
Open from 01/01-12/31,8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"With the hot weather in August 35℃, I took the child to Yunju Mountain. After buying the ticket, I went all the way to the mountain road. I didn't know how many mountains were bent around. The mountain road was very narrow. Fortunately, there were fewer people and fewer cars. It felt like going up the mountain. I also have a hair-curling feeling in my ears. The car dealership came to Yunju Mountain in about 25 minutes. First came to Zhenru Temple, the favorite to sit under the two big fir trees in the door to see the clouds rising and falling, very cool, looking at the distance Zhenru Temple in the lush woods around, in the sun and clouds in the cooperation of a while golden glitter, a while quiet and steady, As mentioned in the introduction of the lotus shape. In the heart can not help feeling a treasure. Into the temple is all very simple natural, very few visitors, no commercial atmosphere. A temple a large ginkgo tree next to a monk sit quietly. A monk feeds the dog. Pigeons are waving and falling on the field. Everything is very quiet. There are no shops, only a table at the door selling instant noodles and water stalls. But the huge new buildings that have begun outside seem to be commercializing. The kids were very happy to see the waterfall in the afternoon. It was also very cool in the mountains in the hot summer. It is good to stop and walk, the natural scenery, no signs, no people, and the phone is long and no signal. Highly recommend a quiet stay here."