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Upper Town
The capital of the plaid country where "Magic Flute" is located The World Cup just ended before the start of the World Cup. Few people are optimistic about Croatia, but this team with the "Magic Flute" has won. The "Lattice Legion" led by Modric From the graceful and dynamic to the culmination of the culmination, they conquered the whole world with the once-inviting performances. I am afraid that the conquest of the world is also the fascinating scenery of Croatia. I remember that I have traveled all over the European countries in recent years, but I have considered the longest stay in Croatia and the most places to watch. The capital, Zagreb, must be built in the medieval St. Mark's Church. The colorful colored roof reminds people of the Croatian flag flying around. Its color pattern consists of two armbands and a substrate, representing the three ancient kingdoms of medieval Croatia, with a typical Slavic design; St. Mark's Church is next to the Croatian Parliament and City Hall; At 12 o'clock noon, there will be a special queue operation review; As long as you look at the tall and mighty figure of the church guards, you can know that this lattice country has nurtured and nourished Croatia. It is said that you want Croatia to win the championship. Give them a ball, because it is omnipotent in ball games; in the long historical space, the countrys way of being in sports is so powerful and so moving; Zagreb is located The junction of the Adriatic coast and Central Europe is an ancient Central European city. For centuries, it has been the center of science and culture, and now it has become the center of business and industry; for new hair styles; "just baked cake" world-famous unique" Lost Love Museum"! Also called "Sad Museum": I didn't dare to enter, I was afraid that I couldn't come out; The original church in Dongmen Street was burnt down by a fire, leaving the image of the Virgin, and it became a local prayer. The place where the road encounters a team of "sparks" with a strong desire for performance; screams of horseshoes, as seen through the scenery; the highest classical architecture is St. Stephen's Cathedral, its majestic The height is enough to make people appreciate the superb skills of medieval Croatian architecture; at the other end of St. Mark's Church is the well-preserved gate of the ancient city of Zagreb, the only remaining city gate in the old city, built in the Roman era . Opposite the ancient city gate is the famous Lottelsakta, which used to be part of the old city walls; flower stand and table tennis team - Stephen's Cathedral comes out to come to the Zagreb "vegetable basket" In the Dorak food market, every morning, the farmers come here from all directions, putting the freshest fruits and vegetables here. There are bright vegetables and fruits, as well as bread, cheese and other foods. for Croatian sports talents Shadow
captured happiness
Zagreb Day Tour Raiders: Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and the largest city, is the political, economic and cultural center of Croatia and belongs to an ancient Central European city. There are a lot of old buildings left. There are Sava rivers in the territory. Transport: There are airports, there are more transits in Moscow, there is no direct flight in China. I can also take the bus to arrive. I came here from the Slovenian capital by bus. It is not very far away, and the traffic is fairly convenient. The whole of Croatia is dominated by buses. The city is basically a tram. Of course, it is no problem to walk all the way. The station will take 25 minutes to the city center. Hotel: Angel Plaza Hotel, is a homestay, you need to check in first, then go to another old building, the bed and breakfast is on the spire, the conditions are very good, you can also cook your own food. : Croatian truffles are super famous! Black truffles, white truffles, truffle sauce, truffle oil, as the capital of Croatia, it is no better to buy some truffle products in Zagreb. Route: Jelacic Square - Zagreb Wall - Assumption Cathedral - St.Mark. church - Lost Love Museum B&B is on the Jericci Square, at the top to see people coming It is a good choice, it is surrounded by shops, and it is very convenient to buy things. The city is basically walking on foot. It is enough to watch the signs follow. Of course, it is divided into the city and the lower city. It is connected by the old iron cable car. If you don't want to walk, just take the bus. The Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin is also called the Zagreb Cathedral. It is just behind the square. It is free to visit and there is maintenance outside. The style of this church has changed many times, Gothic-Baroque-Gothic It is now Gothic and the tallest building in Zagreb, 105 meters. In the urban area of Zagreb, there are many places like hill slopes. Looking up and looking at the panorama is very good. St.Mark. The appearance of the church is very eye-catching, the lattice, I want the Croatian flag, so someone has been calling. If you eat, walk down the street, the taste of a family is good, and the price is very low, so you don't have to worry about it. The lost love museum is a very special place, with more than 1,000 exhibits donated by the Lost Lovers around the world, this is the world's first museum of lovelorn. Looking at the exhibits inside, it is best to use a poem to describe it, that is, "the same is the end of the world."
Museum of Broken Relationships
City: Croatia Zagreb address: Cirilometodska 2
[Travel around Eastern Europe] Zagreb Yesterday arrived in Zagreb, immediately encountered the first time in life was stolen wallet. Adjusting my mindset, today I solved the problem of reporting, reissuing credit card and transferring cash to cash. I decided to go out and walk to the street. The afternoon sun is very good, there is a real burning sensation on the face. The people who walked on the weekend were filled with happy smiles, and the beautiful and slavic Slavic girl made the afternoon colorful. The world's shortest track cable car with a history of more than 120 years has come to the upper city, with a red roof and a panoramic view of Saskatchewan's capital. Out of the watch tower, the sunset is pouring golden light to every corner of the city. An old man played the songs of that era by leaning against the corner of the tower. The sound of the piano was long and the melody was quietly flowing like the Sava River. You see, today's Zagreb is much brighter than yesterday. This country is so beautiful, the locals are very enthusiastic, the climate is comfortable and the price is not expensive, in the first nine days of Croatia, has been very happy. Most of the people here are good people, and the people who help me are definitely far more than those who count me. If you hate this country because you lost something, you may have experienced misfortune in a country you like. If you look at the good and bad of the world, your mood will not be affected, and the road will continue to go on.
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