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Important Religious Institutions in Zagreb


St. Mark's Church

89 Reviews
499m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"St. Mark's is a Gothic building, the center of Zagreb and one of the oldest. The roof has the city emblem of Zagreb and the logo of the Kingdom of Croatia, with the works of the sculptor Mestirović on display."

Reasons to Recommend: Located in Zagreb, Croatia, St. Mark's Church is a Gothic-style building and displays the works of the famous Croatian sculptor Meštrović. The roof of the church is a highlight, decorated with colorful tiles. There are also badges made of mosaics. On the left is the emblem of several Croatian regions, and on the right is the Zagreb emblem, which is ideal for taking pictures.

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Zagreb Cathedral

81 Reviews
221m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The Cathedral of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary is a re-emerging iconic building in Zagreb. It was built in 1094 and is a new Gothic style building with two Gothic minarets and a white church with two towers."

Reasons to Recommend: The Cathedral of the Assumption is often known as the Zagreb Cathedral and is one of the landmarks of Zagreb. The church was Gothic and was destroyed in the 1880 earthquake and later reconstructed in 1899. The church has 13th-century frescoes, Renaissance backrest benches, marble altars and Baroque-style pulpit. The church is the main location for citizens to pray and other activities.

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Ban Jelacic Square

53 Reviews
48m from downtown
"The governor's square in Zagreb, a symbol of Croatia's struggle for national independence, was replaced by a statue of a guerrilla during Tito's time, and was at the center of the square after Croatia's independence."

Reasons to Recommend: The Governor's Square is the focal square of Zagreb with the statue of the main Governor of Croatia, Jelacic. The majority of the structures around the square are from the nineteenth century, from Biedermeier to Art Nouveau to postmodernism, demonstrating an extensive variety of engineering styles. The court is currently a place where natives can do exercises and meet out on the town, and it is exuberant during the evening.

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Stone Gate

29 Reviews
364m from downtown
Historical Site
"The stone gate is the only remaining medieval gate in Zagreb. Built in the 13th century, there is a bronze statue of a warrior on horseback guarding the stone gate. Inside the stone gate is an altar of the Virgin Mary."

Reasons to Recommend: The ancient city gate is located near the St. Mark's Church, also known as Shimen. It was built in the Roman period and is the only remaining city gate in the old city. It is well preserved. Opposite the ancient city gate is the famous Lottelsakta, once part of the old city walls. There is still a cannon on the tower, and by 12 o'clock at noon, the cannon will ring, which has become a tradition of Salegbu.

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St. Catherine's Church

12 Reviews
344m from downtown
Churches and Cathedrals
"The Catherine Church is located next to the small square. It is a typical Baroque church in Zagreb. The roof of the church is red, which is very eye-catching. The viewing platform next to it is a highlight, and you can take the whole scenery!"

Reasons to Recommend: Located next to the small square, St. Catherine's Church in Zagreb is a typical baroque church in Zagreb, close to the landmark st. mark's church. The church has a striking red roof. Next to st. Catherine's church in Zagreb, there is a viewing platform that looks down on the basilica of the virgin Mary and a beautiful red dome in the mountains.

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Lotrščak Tower

23 Reviews
400m from downtown
Ancient Pagoda
"Zagreb is a small pocket town. Walking in downtown Zagreb, you have the same feeling as Belgrade, including Helsinki, Paris and London. The most eye-catching street stone paving, think about it carefully, our Chinese paving is to pave the floor tiles on the ground. This kind of paving tiles cannot resist pressure very well, and it is easy to see the floor tiles on the street smashed. The street surface in Europe, including the street surface in front of the third archway in Macau, is the same as in Europe."

Reasons to Recommend: Lotrscak Tower, a landmark building in Zagreb, is a small museum with photographs of the tower and other objects. The surrounding area is surrounded by historic buildings. Climb to the top of the tower's viewing platform to overlook the entire old city.

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Mirogoj Cemetery

10 Reviews
2.6km from downtown
"The area of the cemetery is large, and there are castle-like buildings built around the wall, which is very impressive. The walls are covered by green creeper and other plants, making the cemetery look even older. The cemetery is traditionally said to be a cemetery for religious people, and looking at these tombstones is not all. The cemetery is very clean, and interested people are also very impressed when they look at the life of the dead."

Reasons to Recommend: The Mirogoj Cemetery is a large public cemetery in Republic of Croatia, where many soldiers and civilians who died in the first world war, the second world war and the revolutionary war are buried. The entrance to the cemetery is like an austrian-style castle, and the stone steles here are so distinctive and delicate that some can even be called works of art. It's not a place of horror, but a place of quiet romance.

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