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Zengcheng District

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Popular Attractions in Zengcheng District

Baishuizhai Scenic Area
3,934 Reviews
Baishuizhai Scenic Spot is located in Zengcheng and is a summer resort in Guangzhou. In this place, the trees are lush, the air is fresh, and there is a hiking path with 9,999 stone steps. You can come here to climb mountain, hike and sightsee. In addition, Baishui Village is most famous for its waterfalls. It has a number of waterfall platforms, which can be used to appreciate the Baishuixian Waterfall at a close distance and feel the momentum of the downfalling water current.
Zengcheng Golden Leaf Hot Spring
952 Reviews
Hot Spring
Zengcheng Golden Leaf Hot Spring is located in the northern suburbs of Zengcheng, a place famous for its hot springs. It is a hot spring health resort composed of more than 30 different types of hot spring pools, VIP pools, massage rooms, and hot spring SPA villas. The hot spring is rich in trace elements beneficial to human health. Among them are silicic acid, sodium, and fluorine. They are all natural hot springs from the Zengcheng area.
Xiangjiang Health Valley (former Jinxiu Xiangjiang Hot Spring Resort)
647 Reviews
Hot Spring
Xiangjiang Health Valley, formerly known as Jinxiu Xiangjiang Hot Spring Resort, is located in the Baishuizhai Scenic Area of ​​Zengcheng. Surrounded by mountains, it has dense green covers and enjoys fresh air. The hotel presents a strong European style in architecture desgin. There are hot spring villas, and deluxe rooms, etc. Every room has a large independent balcony, from which you can enjoy stunning view. Some of the rooms are equipped with a SPA pool. In addition, it is fully equipped with restaurant, gym, children's playground and other facilities.
Sanying Hot Spring Resort Hotel
806 Reviews
Hot Spring
Sanying Hot Spring Resort Hotel is located in the White Water Village Scenic Spot in Zengcheng, which is conveniently accessible from Guangzhou City, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Huizhou. It is a well-established large hotel with natural hot springs. There are all kinds of rooms for tourists including hot spa villas and deluxe rooms. Hot spring baths are available indoors and outdoors. There are more than 70 outdoor hot spring pools built on the hill for you to choose. In addition, the hotel is fully equipped with all necessary facilities including swimming pools and meeting rooms, etc.

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Trip Moments

Hexianggujia Temple, which was built in the Ming Dynasty, is located in Xiaolou Town of Zengcheng City, an hour's drive from Guangzhou, According to records, He Xiangu Chengxian was in the Tang Dynasty Emperor Zhonglong (707-710), The event of Chengxian also alerted the Tianhou Wu Zetian at that time, and Wu Hous aim was to build a home for He Xiangus hometown. Its just that the temple built in the Tang Dynasty is in the temple of todays home. There is no way to test it. The only thing that can be verified is that the Ming Dynasty built the Hexiangujia Temple here, and it has been repaired since then. The last reconstruction was Qing Xianfeng. Year (1858). But in any case, the folks began to swear the story of He Xiangu and He Xiangu, at least to the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago. In front of the temple, which was built in the Qing Dynasty for eight years, it is a masonry-style beam structure. On the forehead of the temple, there are five vigorous scriptures in the "He Xianggujia Temple", and a pair of couplets on both sides. : "The millennium stalks of the Dan dynasty, the dynasty of the dynasty, the dynasty of the dynasty", "shou" and "sui" both refer to embroidered shoes, pointing to the story of He Xiangu casting wells. According to reports, the door and the couplet were inscribed by local celebrities and officials at the time of the completion of the temple. The inscriptions were the famous Guangdong celebrity Huang Peifang and the historical official Wang Yingdou. On the main hall of the home temple, the statue of He Xiangu, carved from the banyan wood, is enshrined. The statue is 70 cm high and presents the costumes of the Tang Dynasty. The most attractive one is the exquisite and exquisite ancient well on the side of the front of the main hall. The ancient well is called Tianhuajing, commonly known as He Xianggujing. The well platform is cut into octagonal shape with granite stone, and there is a stone carved embroidered shoes next to it. model.
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