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Things To Do in Zhangjiagang

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    Zhangjiagang Dream Ocean KingdomSuzhou,China

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    Yongqing TempleSuzhou,China

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    Shuangshan Island Tourist ResortSuzhou,China

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    Golden Phoenix Hot Spring ResortSuzhou,China

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    Liangfeng Ecological ParkSuzhou,China

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    Zhangjiagang ParkSuzhou,China

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    About Zhangjiagang

    Zhangjiagang is an industrial port city on the south bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The land is flat, while the river forms a sort of V-shape around it. The climate in the city is mild, with four delightfully distinct seasons. Zhangjiagang has an extensive history and features eleven Neolithic sites. The area also includes the “three mountains and one garden” scenic areas (Shuangshan Island, Xiang Mountain, Fenghuang Mountain and Dongduyuan Scenic Spot) and other scenic attractions, including the Xiang Mountain peach blossoms that Xu Xiake visited three times throughout his travels. Other attractions include the ancient Jianzhen Dongdu Wharf, the archaeological excavation site Huangsipu, and the ruins of Dongshan Village. This is also the home of such legends as Su Dongpo at Meihua Hall and the Travels of Xu Xiake.

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