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City Park
Shanglishuiku ParkNearby City

Shanglishuiku Park

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"City Park"
Karon Tomato
"Finally, I came to the legendary net red holy place, but this time mainly to sketch, the child recently like to paint the attractions. First of all, parking 🅿️, very important, very difficult, parked in Meihailing road will be posted, all by luck, local tycoon random. Everyone said that the Botanical Garden East Gate, the parking space is very tight, good luck can wait in line to wait for the location, bad luck row half 👮🏻 Qiu will dissuade, last time I went was dissuaded, after all, that road single lane. There are also some people on the side of the road, but those are also the visual sidewalk changes, can park free parking only five or six. Others said that the hotel under the parking, and then walk back, that is to be honest, it is better to take a taxi. So go to the Li reservoir to drive friends, oneself must consider parking problems. Park is free, at present only need to wear a mask to enter, the Li reservoir is a German built 100 years ago, the reservoir area is small compared to a decade ago. The whole park is very green, the lawn is all large areas, the variety of grass is also very good, looks green and oily, sits very comfortable. Because of the red photo, many people picnic in the Shangli Reservoir, and the whole family is out here to relax, it is really very comfortable when the weather is good. Feeling very good. Remember to take the trash with you when you leave. Remember. Finally, the toilet is the former flow public toilet, disinfection is disinfected, but many people unconscious, resulting in very poor sanitary conditions, can be said to be disgusting, before entering the park, it is best to solve the east gate public restroom in the botanical garden, "Ninja" casual. So everything else is perfect except parking, and one star is deducted because of parking and toilets."