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Things To Do in Zhanjiang

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Boat Tour
海豚飞飞The boat is relatively new, the second floor is a card seat form, by the window. It is comfortable to sit and uninterrupted. The scenery is good. It is very exciting to see the ten mile port and the warship. The bridge is spectacular. Unfortunately, the explanation can only be heard in the cabin. It can not be heard when taking a photo on the side of the boat outside.
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爱心桃桃sunOriginal ecological island, enjoy the leisure time online to locate the past look at the front desk of the sea building and various snacks, the boss is very good, Ah Ying sister, also sent a lot of home-grown vegetables we eat 20 yuan oxen noodles quite large. The island is not far away, ten minutes boat ride. After landing on the island, rent a few multi-bicycles, start a round the island tour. It takes about an hour, stop along the way, ancestral hall, seaside, woods, villages. The scenery along the way is very simple, there is little commercial atmosphere, just because the facilities are not complete, you can enjoy a quiet, feel the sun and the sea breeze. There is also a resort on the island, and the scenery is good for 20 tickets.
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marvelyTraveling to the Lijiang River, Huguangyan must come to see. The lake light rock is not far from the city of Lijiang, and you can get there by taxi for about 30 yuan. Huguangyan is one of China's three great volcanic lakes, and it is also the best preserved. From the gate to the scenic area, it still needs to walk at least 15 minutes, down the steps to an open lake, came to the lake light rock main scenic spots. Touring the lake light rock, mainly along the lake, lakeside also has a lot of historical sites to visit. But the lake is wide, it is very hard to walk, it is necessary to take the eco-car of the scenic spot, it will stop at each major attraction, after the tourists, take the next eco-car.
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Water Park
爱心桃桃sunI have asked for a vacation to a busy life. I have not seen a "secret corner" attracted me. Chikan Old Street in the Lijiang River has witnessed the history of Hui 𤾗, and now whispers about the vicissitudes of a century... Techeng Island and Dinglong Bay, a simple island away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Rent an electric car all the way around the island along the coast, the sea, mangroves, pine trees, red ginger stone, blue sky, the day constitute a colorful picture [let me see] because of the temporary decision to come to the island, regret not bringing fish bait, see the hotel owner first sentence ask "Where can fish," When you meet a fisherman at the beach, you ask "What is the harvest today" 😂 Both attractions have characteristics, and come back for a holiday.
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Hot Springs Resort
yoyolove7788Today, I went to my Damodu hot spring. Hey, I feel that the source bay hot spring in Minjiang is more suitable. It's not that the environment is bad, the environment is actually almost the same, but the ticket price is twice as expensive than the boyfriend bay. My mom, 198 people, but there is no way. One is a big city in the first line. One is a city on the 3rd and 4th lines, the price must be a little different. My big Shanghai hot springs are going to exceed the Blue Moon Bay, no one smokes, very good.
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莺语花儿Zhanjiang Weizhou Island is the largest volcanic island in China. The ecological environment of the island is fascinating and has one of the three famous lighthouses in the world. ~ Weizhou Lighthouse; there are many Songhuang antiques and winds; there are famous tourist resorts in Nanguo ~ Nadaihai Stone Beach...

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Xiashan Catholic ChurchZhanjiang,China

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Wushi TownZhanjiang,China

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Baishawan Haishang Bathing SpotZhanjiang,China

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Haidong ResortZhanjiang,China

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Xinsha IslandZhanjiang,China

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About Zhanjiang

Zhanjiang is located in Guangdong Province. It is located on Leizhou Peninsula—the southernmost peninsula of the Chinese mainland. It is very close to Hainan Island. Zhanjiang has a magnificent natural landscape, including scenic spots such as Huguang Rock, Donghai Island, Techeng Island and Nansan Island. Zhanjiang also has a weighty cultural history with sites such as the Former Site of the French Embassy of Guangzhou Bay, Xiashan Catholic Church, and beautiful Haling Village.

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