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Zhanjiang Museum

Zhanjiang Museum

4.5/585 Reviews
Ranked #2 in Zhanjiang Local History
Open from 01/01-12/31,Tue-Sun,9:00am-4:00pm;Closed from 01/01-12/31,Mon (Local time)
"The displays were informative, divided into 4 exhibition areas, I went to visit all the exhibition areas 2 times. The staff was very responsible and the attitude was very good. After entering the big door, first look at the health code, check the ID card, the individual fill in the visit registration form, then take back the ID card, take the ticket (free), take the alcohol cotton to hand disinfection. Every step of staff patient introduction, peace. The first visit was the Revolutionary Struggle History Exhibition Hall in the Gui-Gui Border Area. It took 2 hours. During the visit, only 2 students were met. No one was crowded. The visit was pleasant and slow. The information is rich and the people of Zhanjiang have a deeper understanding of the history of that period. The second visit from Guangzhou Bay to the Zhanjiang exhibition area was 16:55. It seemed that I heard that the museum was closed at 17:00. There was also an exhibition area, which was a little regrettable. I went to the hall and asked the staff about the closing time. Answered 17:15. I feel that this time is not enough, afraid to affect people to get off work, as a result, the two big brothers suggested that I continue to visit, and told me that they would take some time to close the various exhibition areas. It is really a good person in Lijiang River, too warm."
Liangli Club

Liangli Club

1 Reviews
"Fine Art Gallery"
" Strolling through the old streets, in a row of ordinary old buildings, there is a slightly different style of old houses, although the overall is very dilapidated but carefully looking around the buildings easy to look around, can not help but look closely, see on the wall a sign that says: two-way club. The building is decorated with luxurious gray-plastic facade, with a hard top of four hills. On the right side of the two roofs, the words "Wanli" and "Liangli" are engraved on the street. In the 1930s, the French government allowed the building of a large place in the area of Zhongxing Street in Chatong Street, a famous club. Liangli Club was one of the first to obtain patent rights in Guangzhou Bay, then known as the Zhongxing Street entertainment venue. The owner was Dai Chao'en, the former head of Suixi County, the Kuomintang government. It is located at the junction of Sanhe Street, Zhongxing Street, which was originally called Zhentai Street, and is a famous red light district in Guangzhou Bay. Oh Huo ~ Originally, it was a bad place for dogs and horses. Seeing the door of the building, curiosity drove me to look in and take a few steps. The interior was dark and the wooden stairs were very old. I thought the building had been abandoned. But it seemed as if there were traces of life in which people were living, and I did not want to disturb the normal life of others, so I quietly retreated, and restrained myself from trying to find out what was inside. Recommended Index: The building itself is not much practical anymore, so when you pass by this street, stop and look at the old buildings that are mottled and experience some of the history and the imprints of time. Location: Zhongxing Street, Chikan District, Zhanjiang City, at the junction of Sanhe Street Hello everyone | I am Nian | Digital Traveller | Free Designer | A Computer and a Mobile Phone | Working while Waveing World | Recording Digital Traveller New Life |DIGITAL NOMAD| Effective Office | Wave Travelling Life | Digital Traveller China | Dali Shared Office Space Dalihub |Home World |Langyou Plan | Welcome Concern"