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"Driving to Hainan from Beijing, Haian Port, located in Xuwen County, Leizhou Peninsula, Guangdong Province, has just sailed across the Qiongzhou Strait. The Haian Port Affairs Branch was established in 1954, and it was originally named Haian Navigation Station, and later changed its name to the Harbour Affairs Station, the Harbour Office, the Harbour Affairs Bureau, and the Harbour Affairs Branch. At present, the company is affiliated to the Minjiang Shipping Group Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in the management of Hai'an wharf, the cargo, vehicles and passenger agency business of the Hai'an-Haikou route. At present, the company has more than 500 employees, divided into 14 departments. The port area covers more than 50,000 square meters, and the dock line is 1210 meters, divided into three operation areas of passenger transport, carriage and freight, and the facilities for convenience service are perfect. There are 13 dock berths in the whole port, the deepest water level - 4.0 meters, the maximum berthing capacity is 2000 tons. Hai'an port is about 10 kilometers from Xuwen County, and is an important transportation hub for the mainland and Hainan Island. Hai'an port is the southernmost port of the Chinese mainland, and the largest car ferry port in the mainland, and is an important passageway for the mainland to Hainan. At present, most of the goods from all over the country are shipped from Hai'an port to Hainan, and Hainan products are also constantly shipped from here. I just came into the port to buy tickets. From April 30 to 2400 on the 5th, except for the local Hainan minibus, the non-operating minibus and a driver under 7 seats in other regions are free to cross the sea. I just saw the boat ticket, and the free amount is 415.5 yuan. Dear friends, free time is about 24 hours, I heard that 11 long vacations are also free. Hainan welcomes you from the driving tour!"
Duohe Culture Valley Tourist AreaNearby City

Duohe Culture Valley Tourist Area

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Ranked #4 in Qionghai Family-Friendly Attractions
Open from 03/22-12/31,8:00am-5:00pm (Local time)
"Qionghai multi-he river cultural valley scenic spot is located in brave village of Xinghai South Road, Qionghai, covering an area of more than 160 acres. The scenic spot was built in 1986. It was evaluated as "Hainan 10 special scenic spots in 2011" and "Hainan Qianli Island Cultural Demonstration Point". The scenic spot is the only one in Hainan with Hainan Mother River Wanquan River. The theme of local culture. Duohe is the historical name of Wanquan River. The scenic area is divided into three main contents through red humanities culture, green ecological culture and blue ocean culture. 1. Understanding the historical origin of the name of Wanquan River, the name of the river is called Wanquan River. Follow the story of the beautiful love story of the mother of the river of Wanquan and the story of the Yuan Wenzong which occurred on the banks of many rivers more than 600 years ago. 2. Visit the Wanquan River in the Agricultural Expo Hall, appreciate the Wanquan River's unique folk houses, traditional farming culture, rich overseas Chinese culture, and appreciate the Wanquan River's marvelous culture in the Blue Museum, and realize the wonderful life. Follow the culture of fishermen of Qionghai Tanmen, the children of Wanquan River, explore the splendor of the ancient maritime Silk Road, and uncover the secrets of the four islands of the South China and West Shahe. 3. Experience the experience of participating in the local folk custom of Hainan, which represents the folk custom culture of the military slope festival, which has been handed down over 1300 years. Feel the mysterious experience of eating the military slope, marching the military slope and rioting the military slope!"