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Zhaoqing is located in Guangdong. In ancient times it was called Duanzhou under the Sui. It is where the Duan inkstone originated, one of China's “Four Famous Inkstones", and was indispensable to calligraphers and artists. The scenery here is majestic, with beautiful scenic areas such as Seven Star Crags, Dinghu Mountain, Panlong Gorge and Xing Lake. There are also cultural sites of interest that are representative of Cantonese culture and have also borne witness to the city's history, including the old city walls, Longmu Temple, Qingyun Temple and the Mei Nunnery.
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Things To Do in Zhaoqing

Qixingyan (Seven-Star Cave)
3,255 Reviews
City Park
莺语花儿Different seasons different time, seven star rocks have different beauty. Revisit the seven star rock scenic spot, facing the picturesque beauty, how can you not record the beautiful time, leave precious memories! It is beautiful.
Dinghu Mountain
3,862 Reviews
黄衣人If you are going to Qixingyan and Dinghushan, it is highly recommended to apply for an annual card, which is cheaper than buying two tickets separately, and you can enter and exit these two attractions unlimited times within a year. Follow the prompts and follow the activation of the MSI Lake Official Account to use it. If you are looking for a hotel accommodation nearby, you can put down your luggage first. If you go to Qixingyan in the first afternoon, you can drive directly to Ximen to park in, or take bus No. 19 to Qixingyan Ximen and get off. Note: The locals are used to walking through the south gate of the archway square for half an hour. If you ask for directions in the archway square, they will probably guide you to the south gate. If you don’t want to walk in, it is recommended to navigate to the Ximen parking lot in advance, or take the 19 bus to the terminal. After dinner in the scenic area at night, watch the music fountain in the arch square. If possible, you can go to the Xinghu Hotel revolving restaurant to have a buffet while enjoying the night view of Duanzhou! The next morning, first go to Songcheng Second Road to take a look at Songcheng Wall, and then set off to Dinghu Mountain. During the National Day in Dinghushan, following the instructions of the staff at the foot of the mountain, put the car in the free parking area, go to the toll booth, and show the QR code of the annual card to enter the gate without waiting in line. Then buy a sightseeing ticket to go up the mountain. If you don't buy a ticket, you can hike to Qingyun Temple or Butterfly Valley. It will take at least four hours. Don't save 20 yuan for a round trip ticket. It's definitely a bargain! We only went to two scenic spots, Baodingyuan and Feishuitan. After playing enough water in Feishuitan, we went to Baodingyuan Station and took a sightseeing bus down the mountain. Take the bread and eat while playing. Enter the park at 9:30, leave the park at 1 in the afternoon, and then eat some special snacks at the small shop at the door. A family of five ate a total of 58 yuan, which is not expensive! I bought a few kilos of Zhaoshi in the specialty store and went back to share it with relatives. They regretted buying less. They said that Zhaoshi was of good quality and it was easy to "boil and bloom." . We buy the one for 23 yuan a catty, which is pretty good. I also bought some steamed rice dumplings, which are delicious and inexpensive!
Qishi River
606 Reviews
320***98In Zhaoqing Sihui Qishihe Scenic Area, you can go and navigate to the south gate. There is a large parking lot, and it is very convenient to park for free. It is recommended to buy a package ticket, but buy it in advance on Ctrip, because you buy 180 on the spot, and Ctrip only buys 120 in advance. The package includes tickets, glass rafting and glass trestle. After entering from the south gate, it is basically flowers and plants, mountains and rivers, walking and strolling. When you reach a sign, there is a waterfall to the left and a glass trestle to the right. If you buy a package, please don’t hesitate to go to the right, because the glass trestle is one-way, and you need to climb the stairs for a while. The direction is up, it is the exit of the glass trestle bridge. Those who are not allowed to go there, have to go around again, which is very tiring. And after walking through the glass trestle, you can follow the signs to see the waterfall and ride the glass drifting. On the way to the glass drifting, you will encounter a slide, which is for you to slide down on a skateboard. It's not expensive, only 20, but if you buy a package, please don't play this project, just continue to follow the signs to go rafting. It’s more physically demanding because you have to go up and down and go drifting. Finally, I will play glass drifting again, and I will send raincoats, to be precise, rain pants. The whole journey is very fast. In less than a minute, the water will not splash on the whole body, and there will be a little bit, which will not affect. The end of the glass drift is very close to the south gate, and you can walk out to the south gate. There are some small shops inside, and the things are not expensive. I suggest you pack lightly and bring less food and drink. You can rest anywhere when you are tired, buy water when you are thirsty, and eat when you are hungry.
Longmu Imperial Ancestral Temple
871 Reviews
Yannis_YipDuring the National Day holiday, the Dragon Mother Temple was full of incense, and many people lined up to enter. Make an appointment on the public account "Guangdong Deqing Yuecheng Dragon Mother Ancestral Temple" and make an appointment for the entrance time and the number of people. Driving to the door is called a classic. The whole street sells incense and candles. You want to rush to the front of the car, just let your car park in front of his house, enter the store for consumption, and get off and enter the store. There are consumer requirements. They all started in a hundred. In fact, there are free parking spaces in front of the temple. It is relatively cheap to buy incense candles without parking, about 38 yuan. The architectural sculptures in the temple are very vivid, similar to the Chen Clan Ancestral Hall in Guangzhou. Different statues tell different stories. It is worth seeing inside. Moreover, the dragon mother is very effective, so many people come to pray for blessing.
Star Lake Tourism Area
136 Reviews
annyannyheOne of the most beautiful scenery of the seven stars rocks in spring is the Xingyan Chunxiao. This is one of the ten new scenes of the seven stars rocks. Xingyan Chunxiao has a big viewing platform on the purple green road at the south gate. You can see the opposite lake light and mountain color Hongqiao lying on the Longting in the center of the lake. The flowers of all colors are fighting for each other. The red and white purple flowers are reflected in the peaceful mirror-like lake. Spring is really coming.
Xinghu Wetland Park
123 Reviews
精灵背包游侠Very beautiful free park! The light in the afternoon is much more beautiful than the morning, and it seems clearer and purer. Yesterday, Wang went in from the West Gate, today, from the East Gate, and then from the archway square, the essence of Xinghu Green Road is perfect. Seven Star Rock and Wulong Pavilion reflection is the postcard's chief beauty.

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Shiwai Taoyuan
Shiwai TaoyuanZhaoqing,China

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Longshan Scenic Area
Longshan Scenic AreaZhaoqing,China

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Chengdong Park
Chengdong ParkZhaoqing,China

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Baolin Temple
Baolin TempleZhaoqing,China

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Chengdong Mosque
Chengdong MosqueZhaoqing,China

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Zhaoqing Weather

Mar 3, 2021
16 ~ 22
Mar 4, 2021
Light rain
18 / 22
Mar 5, 2021
19 / 25
Mar 6, 2021
16 / 25
Mar 7, 2021
16 / 22
Mar 8, 2021
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Weather Forecast and Travel Tips for Zhaoqing
Mar 3, 2021 Zhaoqing Weather:Overcast, Northeasterly Wind:0-10 kph, Humidity:70%, Sunrise/Sunset:06:51/18:34
Zhaoqing Travel:Suitable, Umbrella:Not Required, UV Strength:Very Low

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