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Things To Do in Zhaoqing

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City Park
xiner桃心儿Seven Star Rock, because the Yanfeng Blue is just like the Beidou seven star and named. There is the reputation of "Lingnan First Wonder", including seven Star Rock, Star Lake National Wetland Park, Star Lake Greenway. In Zhaoqing City, very close to the city hotel. Seven Star Rocks Tour Route: West Gate (parking in parking lot) Guanyutai Tianzhu Rocks of the Tiesuo Bridge Guanyutai Tianzhu Rocks to Xinghu Wetland after the boat can go to Shuangyuan Cave to visit the East Gate of Karst Cave (or return to West Gate). Sky pillar rock: Must climb a, more than 100 meters, very steep, in the star picking pavilion overlooking, mountains around the water, wave rock shadow, beautiful natural scenery. Xinghu wetland: cruise is another charge, wetland can watch flamingo, red-crowned cranes, can also feed, children will feel very interesting. In addition, we can see the "Reclining Buddha containing Dan" natural reclining Buddha, the sunset mouth contains the scene of Xiandan. Star rock smoke rain: It is said that the weather is good to go, can see the "skyland" scenery. The archway night rhyme: the seven star rock archway, the lights shining, the star lake, the wide square and the vast sea-like star lake, the walk stop in it, comfortable and comfortable.
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莺语花儿Dinghu Mountain is a dense forest, peacock blue lake water, is an oasis on the Tropic of Cancer. Dinghu Mountain is located 18 kilometers northeast of Zhaoqing City, China. The highest altitude is 1000.3 meters (the top of the Jilong Mountain), the top of the four famous mountains in the south of the Lingnan. The original name is the top lake, which is named after a lake that is constantly in surplus at the top of the mountain. It is said that Huangdi defeated Yao You, which casts Ding, so it is called Ding Lake. From the top of the mountain, there are many kinds of forest types, such as valley rainforest, evergreen broad-leaved forest, and subtropical monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest. The Gene Repository, Green Treasure and Living Nature Museum are known as the species of South China, and the tropic of cancer is mostly desert, while the Dinghu Mountain is known as the turquoise on the tropic of cancer because of its evergreenness.
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1314@了@The most worth recommending is the air there, after the high-speed open, the time to go to the scenic spot shortened by more than half. If you have enough energy, get off at the gate, go up the stream, appreciate the stones in different forms, then view the waterfall, walk the glass bridge, check the stimulation of the glass slide, and down the hill along the path to enjoy the hanging bells and breathe the negative ion air. Qishihe restaurant supplies farm food all day, really great!
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xiner桃心儿Zhaoqing, ancient name Duanzhou, from the Han Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Zhaoqing has become the political, economic and cultural center of Lingnan. There are really many scenic spots. You must go to the "Star Lake Scenic Area", divided into seven Star Rock and Dinghu Mountain two areas. Tickets: Many channels can buy the "Happy 100 Star Lake Card" e-tourism annual card, 100 yuan can be in the one-year validity period unlimited access to seven Star Rock, Dinghu Mountain, Xinghu National Wetland Park and other scenic spots.
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一颗萌牙The annual Yuecheng Blessing Tour is coming again! Very happy, not many people came to visit, the weather is also good, buy a windmill to turn into a big luck. I pray for the next year's national security, I want to do good!
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G頭The environment is beautiful and very comfortable, just feel that the ticket is a bit expensive, and the boat instructions are not very clear, I have been looking for a long time, I have to walk to the boat for at least 45 minutes, but the scenery is really good.

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About Zhaoqing

Zhaoqing is located in Guangdong. In ancient times it was called Duanzhou under the Sui. It is where the Duan inkstone originated, one of China's “Four Famous Inkstones", and was indispensable to calligraphers and artists. The scenery here is majestic, with beautiful scenic areas such as Seven Star Crags, Dinghu Mountain, Panlong Gorge and Xing Lake. There are also cultural sites of interest that are representative of Cantonese culture and have also borne witness to the city's history, including the old city walls, Longmu Temple, Qingyun Temple and the Mei Nunnery.

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