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Popular Attractions in Zhejiang

West Lake
26,648 Reviews
West Lake is associated with Hangzhou beauty. It is a beautiful scenery belt. The famous “10 Scenes of West Lake” surround the lake. Walk along the Sudi and Baidi causeway, or row yourself to the "Three Pools Mirror Moon" located at the middle of the lake. It is a spot where you can enjoy a complete view of the West Lake on your boat and feel the gentle ambience of Hangzhou. You can also rent a bicycle to ride around the lake and enjoy the freedom of stopping wherever you want for a photo.
Putuo Mountain Scenic Area
18,984 Reviews
Taoist Temple
Boat Tour
Putuo Mountain is the only sacred Buddhist mountain in China that is located by the sea. The beautiful natural landscape merges with the long-standing Buddhist culture, earning it the title of "Heaven of the Sea and Kingdom of the Buddhist" at home and abroad. Putuo Mountain is not only a sacred place of Buddhism, it also has the characteristics of a seaside city: beach and seafood. The island has two sandy beaches of Qianbusha and Baibusha. Beachside hotels and seafood restaurants are gathered there.
Wuzhen Water Town
14,414 Reviews
Ancient Settlement
Wuzhen is an ancient town with over 1300 years of history. It was the filming location for the popular television drama Si Shui Nianhua starring Huang Lei and Liu Ruoying. The town is full of classic bridges, canals, and many elegant residences in the Jiangnan style particular to the region south of the Yangtze River. Here, a rich variety of culinary specialties abounds in a laid-back setting. This is a prime location for experiencing classic Jiangnan water scenery. Today, Wuzhen has two major scenic areas: East Gate and West Gate, where you can soak in the small-town atmosphere and sample local snacks like stinky tofu, “victory cake” (dingsheng bing), or “sister-in-law cake” (gusao bing). You can visit the historic Zhaoming Library or old post office. Of course, you have to see the town from one of the traditional canal boats, and you can't miss seeing the night-time beauty of West Gate.
Hangzhou Songcheng Park
14,563 Reviews
Cultural Experiencial Area
Hangzhou Songcheng Park is a large theme park in Hangzhou featuring the cultural characteristics of the Song Dynasty. It is located at the southwest of the West Lake Scenic Area with Wuyun mountain to its north. They have antique markets, tea houses, grocery stores, ironsmith shops, and wine shops that illustrate day to day life in the Song Dynasty era. You can enjoy chinese cultural performances like puppet shows and chinese shadow play or get your heart pumping by watching some chinese boxing. You might also encounter fully armored soldiers patrolling the street or hunting down fugitives. All of these adds up to give you a wonderful sense of traveling back in time. The large-scale musical “Song City: Thousand Years of Love” is a must-see in Songcheng.

Trip Moments

Back in the village of Persimmon, inadvertently, I saw an amiable grandfather, immediately pressed the shutter in his hand, remembering that he said the most meaningful words to me: Thank you. Although very short, I smiled back to him: you are welcome. Perhaps the elderly who lived in the village rarely walked out of the village to see the prosperity of the world, but also because their lives were so simple. I came to a small courtyard, which is a well-known local inn: Danshan Chishui Persimmon Village Shanyuju Homestay, just like its name, with the theme of natural landscape, let the guests feel the authentic rustic taste. The fun of the mountains and the waters, the integration of nature and humanity, let more people who yearn for the past to experience the meaning of the ancient village. During the day, I will play Danshan Chishui, visit the persimmon village in the evening, eat the local farmhouse, stop, this is the life I have always wanted, there is no city noise, no vehicles coming and going, more is an easygoing and natural. After rushing for a few days, I really wanted to stop and sleep late, but I had already decided to return to Xiamen by night, and I had to say goodbye. [Kimlin Village Travel Tips]: Traveling to Danshan Chishui must first pass through the persimmon village, and then there is a small road in the middle of the village until the Danshan Chishui, Danshan Chishui can take a bus to the scenic area to return to the persimmon village. . [Address]: Persimmon Village, Datun Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo [Tickets]: 65 yuan (you can play Danshan Chishui) [Traffic]: 1. Ningbo South Railway Station Tourism Distribution Center takes a direct shuttle bus to Danshan Chishui.
Posted: 11 Apr 2019
There is a chance to visit the Ningbo Museum. Unlike many urban museums, the architecture of the Ningbo Museum itself is an exhibition. It is from the hands of Mr. Wang Wei, the architect of the Xiangshan Campus of the Academy of Fine Arts. Old bricks removed from the old building, if you look carefully, you can also find the symbols left in the year when you burned. There are no rare cultural relics in the museum, but the exhibition on Ningbo history and folk customs is particularly comprehensive, and it is the best window to understand Ningbo's past and present. Entering the venue, each showroom is filled with items of different ages. In the Qing Dynasty, a complete set of musical instruments and a complete set of tableware were selected. In the Ming Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty and the Song Dynasty chose to display a small amount of porcelain, most of which were in graphic form. Introducing the current situation of Ningbo at that time, from the urban layout, the people's life, the policies of various periods introduced the history of Ningbo, and then the dynasties placed a lot of pottery, and a small number of bronzes were of course accompanied by a large number of pictures and texts. Ningbo Museum Raiders Address: Ningbo Shounan Middle Road No. 1000 Ticket Information Ningbo Museum Ningbo Museum (2 photos) daily free visit 3,000 coupons (including 500 reserved visitors), until the end. Opening hours Visit entry time 9:00-16:00, closing time 17:00. Closed on Monday (except national holidays). Traffic information take 102, 126, 129, 160, 166, 167, 168, 281, 628, 635, 650, 661, etc. to Ningbo Museum Station The car is.
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