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Zhengzhou Fantawild Dream Kingdom
Compared to the Fantawild World, the Dream Kingdom is more suitable for family fun, and there are many projects like the Carousel Coffee Cup that are suitable for children. The following are recommended. Magic Castle: Stereo-tracking 4D project, exciting and enjoyable time. After entering, there will be a magician talking to you, and the interaction is stronger. After a test of layers of danger, everyone finally got a diploma from the Magic School to end this thrilling and magical journey. Jungle Flying Dragon: The wooden roller coaster is quite spectacular in appearance. It can experience the most primitive thrills in the vibrations and shaking of the high and low undulations and the slanting of the turn. The biggest feature of the wooden roller coaster is that there is no reversal, and the jungle dragon is also the same, so the seat of the seat is safer than other roller coasters. The upper part of the larger activity space, coupled with the psychological effect of "wood", makes the jungle dragon give people The feeling is extrarous. Time and space shuttle: It is a hanging roller coaster, the feet are suspended, if you are wearing sandals, you must take off your shoes to prevent them from falling out. As always, the excitement is fun, and you can't have a fresh ride on a roller coaster. Legend of the Journey to the West: Sun Wukongs scene of the Tiangongs three-dimensional reappearance, the heavens are grand and brilliant, and the eyes are not willing to lick. In the second half of the theater, I lie on the seat and look at the ball screen on the ceiling. I saw the Qitian Dasheng appearing from the sky full of stars, followed by the Monkey King to the world, and the Tianbing Day will play the Erlang God. Five thousand years of Huaxia: The glorious history of 5,000 years and the splendid civilization are amazing in the 360-degree three-dimensional display. In 20 minutes, with 4d glasses, I felt the Yan and Huang dynasties, the Qin Yitong dynasty, the contending of the philosophers, the flourishing modernity of the Tang and Song dynasties, and the present scene. Parents are surrounded by children to entertain and entertain.
Zhengzhou Yellow River Scenic Area
The Yellow River Scenic Area is located 20 kilometers northwest of Zhengzhou City on the bank of the Yellow River, south of Yuyue Mountain, and north of the Yellow River. It is the starting point of the hanging river on the Yellow River. The end of the Loess Plateau is also the boundary line between the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. The Yellow River, with a total length of 5,464 kilometers, has been flowing for hundreds of millions of years. It has arrived in Henan. Because of the water and sediment adjustment project, the water quality has become clear, providing better drinking water resources for the downstream people and alleviating the ground suspension. The water danger of the river. Yanhuang Emperor's giant plastic backed by the mountain, facing the Yellow River, with a 55-meter-high whole Xiangyang Mountain as the body, and then a 51-meter-high head on the top of the mountain, the total height reached 106 meters. In front of the giant statue of the Emperor, there is an open square surrounded by trees. On the opposite side of the square is an altar. The altar to the statue has a 200-meter long Shinto on the axis, and four cast copper dades on both sides, together with the front. A total of nine tripods, meaning the Kyushu Qujiang Jiangshan Yonggu. The side of Xiangyang Mountain is engraved with the famous "Yan Huang Fu", and the song Yan Yan created the glorious history of Chinese civilization. The altar opposite the square is the place where the ancestral ceremonies are held. The altar shared 8,000 granites, symbolizing the 8000 years of civilization since the early Neolithic period. There is a group of statues around the altar. The protagonist is the ancestors who made outstanding contributions to the development of Chinese civilization, such as Daxie and Wang Chong. A white marble jade "nurturing" statue stands on the mountainside of Wulongfeng in the central scenic spot of the Yellow River Scenic Area. It visually compares the Yellow River to the mother who nurtures Chinese civilization.
Runis of Shang Dynasty
The Tucheng Wall in Zhengzhou was once the capital of 3,500 years ago. The history of the free park Henan is very rich. Many cities have thousands of years of history. In Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, there is an unobtrusive heritage park with a history of more than 3,500 years and a national capital. The ruins of the mall in the center of Zhengzhou are now a free and open park where locals like to come and exercise. From a distance, I saw a section of earth wall with a tour boardwalk. According to archaeological studies, this piece of earth wall was once the capital of the Shang Dynasty, and it is also another ruin site next to the Yin Ruins. The outer wall was built around 1500 BC, while the inner city and the palace The construction of the city is much longer. Many scholars believe that this is the capital of the Shang Dynasty in the middle of the Shang Dynasty, which is earlier than the Yin Ruins in Anyang, Henan. There are tens of thousands of cultural relics unearthed here, and many are rare treasures. This ancient city has a rectangular layout. The perimeter of the wall is 6,960 meters and there are 11 gaps. Some of them may be gates. There are palace areas in the northeast of the city. There are many bases in the palace. Small site and well site. The ruins park is now open to tourists free of charge. It is also very convenient for transportation in the city center. Take the subway to the East Street and get off at 10 minutes on foot. There are also Zhengzhou Temple of Literature and other attractions. The ancient city ruins have a total area of 25 square kilometers and are large in scale. An Fang Ding unearthed from here, with a height of 100 cm and a weight of 86.4 kg, has become a symbol of Zhengzhou City. The city of Zhengzhou has undergone earth-shaking changes. The high-rise buildings in the Zhengdong New District in the east are a new city. There are many historical sites in the old city. The surrounding cities such as Luoyang and Kaifeng are well-known ancient capitals.
The "big corn" in Zhengzhou's population is actually this building. The first tallest building in the Central Plains at 280 meters has long heard that Zhengzhou has a "big corn", and it is a good place to look at the night scene. In fact, the official name of this building is called "Millennium Square". Because the appearance resembles corn, the local people are used to calling it "big corn" or "corn building". For a long time, they have forgotten their real names. Big corn is located in Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou City. It is the CBD of Zhengzhou. It is surrounded by high-rise buildings and marks the vitality of the booming economy. The big corn is the landmark building of Zhengdong New District. However, the prototype of the big corn is not really corn, but the tower of the Yueyue Temple in Lushan, Henan. This is one of the earliest pagodas in China. It is located in the Yuyue Temple under the peak of the Lushan Mountain. Enter the world cultural heritage. Large corn and the nearby Ruyi Lake have become a free and open tourist attraction. Many locals will come to the lake for a walk in the evening to enjoy the beautiful night view. Walking along the lakeside plank road is also very pleasant. The corn building is about 280 meters high. It is currently the tallest building in Henan. It is called the first tallest building in the Central Plains. It was built by Greenland Group in 2006 and completed in 2011. At night, the big corn will also stage a light show, the building is constantly changing colors, and show the most attractive tourist attractions in Henan. The big corn interior includes commercial office buildings and high-end hotels. There is also a sightseeing platform where visitors can enjoy the city's charm in a 56-story building overlooking Zhengzhou City. There are many similar high-rise buildings in China. For example, the CCTV building in Beijing is called big pants, the Oriental Gate in Suzhou is called big autumn pants, and the Shanghai World Financial Center is called opening the bottle. "The names of these images are easier to circulate.
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