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Popular Attractions in Zhouning

White Cloud Mountain in Fu'an
257 Reviews
At an elevation of 1,450 meters, the White Cloud Mountain in Fu'an is located between Muyun Town and Xiaoyang Town, northwest Fu'an City and one of the two highest peaks in east Fujian. There are five scenic areas including the White Cloud Mountain, Nine Dragon Cave, Longting Canyon, Huanglan Canyon and Jinzhong Mountain. At the foot of the mountain lie five streams including Longting Stream, Shouyang Stream, Chan Stream, Huanglan Stream and Xiu Stream, with a wide range of attractions including distinctive geological wonders. It also boasts appealing mountains and canyons, the wonderland of "Buddha's Light" and rare and diverse biotic population.
Baishuiyang Scenic Area
1,297 Reviews
Baishuiyang Scenic Area is famous for its crystal-clear river water. The water is ankle deep throughout the river's course. At one point the river flows downhill, creating a 100 meter long natural slide. Visitors are attracted by the green mountainous landscape and clear water.
Mandarin Duck Creek
345 Reviews
Nature Reserve
At present, the Mandarin Duck Creek Scenic Area is a rare protection area for mandarin ducks in China. Hundreds of thousands of mandarin ducks fly from the north to live through winter in every autumn. The Mandarin Duck Creek Scenic Area is categorized as Baishuiyang, the Mandarin Duck Creek, Cha Creek, Shuizhuyang, Kao Creak and the Mandarin Duck Lake. The Mandarin Duck Creek Scenic Area centers on the Mandarin Duck Creek, featuring wild mandarin ducks, macaques and rare plants. It integrates the landscape of creeks, waterfalls, peaks, rocks and caves. It is a comprehensive scenic area hard to come by.

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Trip Moments

The niche secret excavator, exploring the road Zhou Ning. 1000 yuan around Fuzhou day tour open the opening: this introduction is not the same Fuzhou, the destination is in Zhouning. Zhou Ning is filled with wonderful atmosphere in his memory. Ancient town, film, youth, valley, river, humanity, space, reed, every eye has a sense of cinema, like all the beauty is here. The exhaustion of the girl from the north to the south has been written off. Route: Jiulong Waterfall Transportation: Aircraft Xi'an Xianyang Airport - Fuzhou Changle Airport High-speed Railway Fuzhou Station---Fu'an Station Introduction: 1. quietly flowing through Puyuan Village, was named the most beautiful village in Fujian, the carp will revel the entire village, that It is a natural breath that gives people a pleasant atmosphere. Local artists gather here and drive a variety of shops. Visitors only need to walk into their shops like old friends to talk to them. The structure of the village is very simple. The number of the mountains and the clear springs rushing down, and the peaks turn back to the water until the five bends and six songs of Puyuan Village pass. The stream is lined with traditional buildings that are well preserved. The depths of the village are hundreds of acres of lotus ponds. The most unique place here is to show people the culture of harmony between man and fish. Tickets: 40 yuan recommended to play 2 hours traffic: taxi 15 yuan 2. Xianfengshan Xianfeng Mountain is a friend of Zhou Ning brought us It is a small game played by Zhou Ning. It is a beautiful cloud and starry sky. It is really beautiful. You can choose to rent a car and drive to the top of the mountain. It takes about an hour to reach the top of the mountain. Here we enjoy the most beautiful sunset. On the reeds, there is a golden piece of beauty that is beautiful. No tickets are required. Traffic: Self-driving 3 Jiulongyu Waterfall In Qiping Township, Zhouning, it consists of nine large and small waterfalls. Natural and humanistic travel is a completely different feeling. In nature, you must always maintain the attitude of listening, observing, feeling, and jealousy. This is also the attraction that Zhou Ning will hit the card. Tickets: 55 yuan
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