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Zhuhai Fisherwoman
Coming to Zhuhai, the deep ocean-atmosphere is the most prominent feature of the city. The Zhuhai fisherwoman statue is a symbol of Zhuhai city. The fisherwoman’s posture is elegant, her face is full of joy, her hand is in front, she dedicates her treasure to humanity, and she shows the light to the world. The statue is a masterpiece of the famous Chinese sculptor Pan He. The Zhuhai fisherman statue was built in 1982. It is made up of 10 tons of granite stone and is divided into 70 pieces. The height is 9.9 meters. The image of the fisherwoman is derived from a beautiful love story in Zhuhai. The successful creation of the statue of the fisherwoman was also the first of its kind in China.
Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge
As we reach the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, visitors can enjoy the Century Project--Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge at a close distance. One can also experience the rapid development of the Zhuhai city at sea, and the changes in the waters of Zhuhai and Macao, so that the mind and body can lie between the water and the sky. Feel the unique charm of "One Country, Two Systems" and "Romantic Capital" and witness the changes in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao! The night view is also breathtaking. Under the blue and red changing lights, the magnificent bridge stands straight on the deep sea like a long dragon, and the air is extraordinarily fresh. In the light of its reflection, the night scenes of the port, island and Zhuhai and Macao are also particularly dynamic.
Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom
Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has the world's largest aquarium, and is surrounded by the wonderful world of the sea. Here, you can feel the infinite charm of the ocean from a distance.  Related tips:  1. Some projects need poncho, bring it in or buy it on the spot.  2. If you want to enjoy for a long time, it is recommended to buy a two-day ticket, but when it is not tourist season, one day is enough, because there is almost no need to line up. 3. There is a baggage service in the park, and there is also a baby car rental service. There is no need to worry about this.  4. Remember to take a park guide.  5. Remember to apply sunscreen since there is no shade. Even in spring, the sun is glaring.
It was already noon when I arrived at Wailu Island. We put down our luggage and went down to eat the Furuixi Restaurant. It is close to the pier and is the most convenient place for transportation. Looks a bit like a food stall, but the product is very good. Here, the dog claw snail, the sea urchin fried rice, the general hat are called the three treasures of the outer island, and the three treasures are eaten. In fact, the two people are almost full, but how can they not enjoy a little more when they come to the nephew? What? Dog claw snail is an arthropod that grows in the stone cracks of the sea. It is usually clustered in clusters and crowded in the seams of stones. It does not move for many years and grows by microorganisms in the water. The individual dog claw snail is not much thicker than the thumb. It is about two or three inches long and belongs to the marine shellfish. Its shape resembles the dog's claw and gets its name. Intuition tells me that the more delicious the food on the beach, the rarer it is. It only needs us to tear the soft part of it and eat it. This food is something we have not eaten anywhere else. It is really special to taste the meat afterwards! ! The general cap is a kind of shellfish that grows along the stone. Its body is sucked on the stone and moves with it. When there is a foreign object touching it, it will hold the stone tightly and it is difficult to get it! Therefore, the fishermen can only barely take it with the help of sharp tools such as thin steel sheets. In order to pay the highest respect to the working people, we dont have one to eat the general hat! We were still praising the restaurant and the fish belly was carefully removed. It turned out that the fish belly was smelly.
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