United States to Saint Lucia

Latest Travel Restrictions

Entry into Saint Lucia!Moderate Entry Requirements
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14 days required
Not required
COVID-19 Testing
Negative PCR test tested within 5 days prior to arrival is required
Forms and Visas
Travel/Medical Insurance
Not required
Mask is required in all public indoor, public transport and certain outdoor areas
During COVID-19, entry policies are frequently updated. For easier travel planning, we highly recommend subscribing to entry policy updates via email for your departure location and destination.
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Detailed Regulations

Unvaccinated passengers:14 days on arrival in a certified hotel or government quarantine facility. Nationals and residents of Saint Lucia must quarantine in a state quarantine facility for the first 8 days on arrival and will be subject to a Covid-19 test on day 7. If a negative result is received, they must complete the rest of the quarantine at home.

Vaccinated passengers: Quarantine is not required for passengers holding proof that they were fully vaccinated against Covid-19 at least 2 weeks prior to travel. The NHS app/letter is accepted as proof of vaccination for passengers who reside in England.

Other exempt passengers: 

  1. Unvaccinated passengers aged between 5 to 17 years who travel with a fully vaccinated guardian, provided they take a Covid-19 test at their own expense on arrival and quarantine until a negative result is received; or
  2. Minors aged younger than 5 years who travel with a fully vaccinated guardian.
COVID-19 Testing
·Symptomatic passengers aged 5 and older will be tested for Covid-19 on arrival at their own expense of 270 East Caribbean Dollars.

This does not apply to crew members.

·Passengers aged 5 and older must hold a negative PCR test certificate obtained within 5 days prior to arrival.

This does not apply to crew members.

Forms and Visas
·All passengers aged 18 and older must submit a Travel Registration Form no less than 7 days prior to travel, and present a printed copy of the completed form on arrival. Passengers can submit the form as soon as their flight and hotel have been booked. This also applies to passengers in transit. Passengers younger than 18 should be included in the Registration Form of an accompanying adult.

Passengers travelling last minute should forward the registration confirmation email received on submission to travelinfo@stlucia.org.

·Passengers aged 18 and older must hold proof of government approved Covid-19 accommodation.
·Passengers aged 18 years and older must hold a completed Health Screening Form on arrival.
·All passengers are required to wear a mask in the airport and during their flight.
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