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Barcelona is Spain's most well-known tourist destination. In the city, not only can Antoni Gaudí's buildings and Picasso's paintings be found, but it is also home to the lively La Rambla and La Boqueria Market. Here tourists will find seemingly endless sunny beaches and bars, as well as the perfect combination of art and life. In this city, there’s truly something for everyone.

The city of Barcelona is large and has a wide range of attractions. To reach these attractions, you need to take the subway, but there are some unique neighborhoods near the liveliest La Rambla where it is most suitable for walking tours. The cities around Barcelona, which can be reached by train, are great options to select for day tours. Visitors have the option of going for a relaxing holiday at the sunny beaches of Sitges, visiting the museum of surrealist painters in Figueres, or visiting the beautiful medieval city of Girona. Usually, 3-5 days is a perfect amount of time to spend in Barcelona. Whether you’re going to see the buildings and museums, or for shopping and food tasting, Barcelona’s reputation as a vacation paradise can’t be denied.

Barcelona has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm winters, cool summers, mild springs and autumns. It is suitable for traveling all year round, especially from June to September each year, when the temperature of the ocean is warm enough for swimming and other activities.

There are various grades of hotels in Barcelona to meet the needs of different traveler groups. Visitors can also choose accommodation areas according to their preferences: La Rambla is located in an area with convenient transportation and lots of nearby hotels. The Gothic Quarter and El Raval neighborhood have many convenient and budget hotels. There are some nice family guesthouses in the El Example area and a lot of high-end hotels. In terms of beach hotels in Barcelona, there are also many good choices. Hotels in Barcelona near the railway station and the airport are suitable for tourists who plan to visit other destinations during their trip.

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