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Southern Scenic Route
On the fifth day of the South Island trip, from Christchurch, we crossed the Canterbury Plain, and there were snow-capped mountains and lakes in front of us. This is the difference between the South Island and the North Island. The volcanoes and hot springs of the North Island, the South Island have glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and lakes. It is recommended to come to New Zealand from the North Island. More than two hours drive to Lake Tekapo, the second largest lake in New Zealand, surrounded by shrouded trees and snow-capped snow-capped mountains. You can see the super beautiful starry sky, the quaint church of the Good Shepherd stands quietly by the lake, everything is so quiet and peaceful. Many people will choose to come here to register for marriage, and to achieve the beautiful marriage of God's joy under the testimony of the pastor. A few days is the season when Lu Binghua is in full bloom. The blue water of Turkey is a hint of milky white. The colorful lupins in summer are even more beautiful under the setting of the lake. Then came to Lake Pukaki, known as the Blue Milk Lake, which is located in the mountains of Canterbury. The azure lake is like a sloping fragrant milk, and I can't help but want to take a sip, because the distinctive blue makes it famous. It is also the best location in the magnificent Southern Alps, and is the main location for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The last stop, drove to the foot of Mount Cook, and the Cook Mountain Maori language is also called Aoraki, meaning "wearing the mountain of clouds." One-third of the snow here is not only a close-up experience of New Zealand's largest glacier Tasman Glacier, but also a helicopter ride overlooking the magnificent view of Mount Cook. Unfortunately, the weather is not good, nothing is experienced, only to stay I will make up for the regrets next time. Tips: New Zealand Lu Binghua The annual flower season is from November to January of the following year. It is also a tourist season. It is necessary to book accommodation and transportation in advance, otherwise it is impossible to book accommodation. of.