【Dubrovnik, Croatia Travel Guide】

Are you attracted by the ancient city with red roofs, the blue sea and the beauty of the islands? Then, Dubrovnik in Croatia is definitely one of the travel destinations you can't miss in your life! ✨Walk on the city wall: Climb the ancient city wall, go around the old city, feel the magnificent scenery, you will be shocked! At sunset, the scenery is even more incomparable. ✨Take a cable car to the top of Srd Mountain to watch the sunset: You can go to the top of the mountain from the cable car station outside the north gate of the ancient city, you will see a 360° panoramic view of Dubrovnik, with beautiful scenery in your eyes. Then have a sunset dinner at the highest restaurant in Dubrovnik, it's so romantic! ✨Wandering in the ancient city: Truly feel the history and culture of Dubrovnik, walk into those narrow alleys, climb those steps with a sense of history, visit various relics, it will definitely leave a deep impression on you. ✨Sea activities: Experience water activities such as kayaking, enjoy the fun and challenge of the sea. ✨Special experience: Find the shooting spots of Game of Thrones, explore the scenes in the drama, it's also a lot of fun! ✨Accommodation suggestions: Because the roads in the old city are mostly bluestone roads, they are not accessible by car, and there are hundreds of steps to enter and exit the city, so it is not recommended to live in the old city. It is recommended to stay in a hillside homestay facing the sea outside the old city, with direct access to the highway, and overlooking Dubrovnik. ✨Itinerary planning: It is recommended to plan a 3-day itinerary, D1 visit Banje Beach and the fortress, then take a cable car to the mountain for a sunset dinner; D2 visit the old city and the city wall; D3 experience sea activities such as kayaking. ✨Best season: The climate is pleasant in May-June and September-October, and there are relatively few people. July-August is hot and crowded with high prices, but the sea water temperature is good. It's cold and rainy from November to April. I hope this guide can help you! Get ready to start your dream trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia!💖✈️🌊
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Posted: Dec 31, 2023
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