Ecological Camping*Outdoor Sports@Foshan First Outdoor Life Conference

Take a break from life occasionally The starry sky as the curtain, the tent as the camp A camping trip that doesn't require a long journey On the edge of the city, between the mountains and rivers! Outdoor Camping Life Conference Themed Camping Concert Outdoor Life Market Outdoor Experience Activities …… The first outdoor life conference in Foshan City Will be held on November 24-26, 2023 At the Midea Egret Lake Forest Resort Auto Camp in Gaoming District, Foshan City. 100+ well-known outdoor brands from home and abroad will settle in Trendy players from the Greater Bay Area will gather here There will also be creative markets, open-air movies Bay Area trendy music and bonfire parties Take you to experience three days and three nights of different excitement! Everything is ready, just waiting for you to experience! Small Tips: Don't forget to make an appointment at Youde Body.
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Posted: Nov 26, 2023
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